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Askås RMS is an automated return portal that saves time and money.

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Askås Cross Selling
Askås Cross Selling gives you the opportunity to offer relevant accessories that customers need. Good conversion ...
Askås Shopping Assistant
Askås Shopping Assistant is a feature that allows sharing a "completed" shopping cart with the end customer via t...
Askås Translation Service
Integrated functionality to order translations of information and texts through Askås Translation Service.
Copy product information
Copy accurate information from one product to one or multiple products and save time.
Dynamic Change Log
Function that records changes in various types of information fields for articles, article groups, and brands.
Internal Information Search
Functionality to search and compare information divided into different languages.
Askås Product Engine
Lightning fast product listing, filtering and search functionanlity. A part of Askås Enterprise.
Dynamic Product Lists
Create lists of products dynamically based on your own rules and selections.
Askås Content Editor
Powerful and flexible drag and drop feature for building front pages, landing pages and newsletters.
Askås Marketing Automation
Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.
Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication provides greatly increased security and significantly reduces the risks of intrusion.
Return Management System
Askås Return Management System is an integrated and powerful return portal that is available in two different ver...
Askås Enterprise Search
Askås Enterprise Search is a smart search function for high conversion.
Askås Cookie Manager
Customer friendly and flexible solution for cookie management.
Askås Leads
Askås Leads gives you the opportunity to collect e-mail addresses for future communication with your customers.
Multi Market Manager
With Askås Multi Market Manager you can reach customers on a global market regardless of location and language.
Askås Marketplace
Askås Marketplace is our own digital markeplace based on Askås e-commerce platform.
Askås Server Side Tracking
S2S - event tracking solution with support for Facebook Conversion API.
Dynamic Content Manager
Dynamic Content Manager is a feature that lets you schedule how and when different types of content should be displayed.
Product Filtering
Filtering of products by properties, product groups, brands, price and much more.
Campaign Module
In the campaign module, you manage everything related to campaigns in an efficient and flexible way.
Digital Products
Sell digital products in your webshop. E-books, audio files, educational material and other downloadable files.
Customer Loyalty Manager
Set up loyalty programs in wich your customers can collect points for future purchases.
Optional delivery point
Offer even better service by letting customers choose where they want to pick up their packages.
Store Collect Manager
Askås SCM-module connects orders and deliveries between you webshop and physical store.
Askås Store Locator
Let your customers locate stores and resellers where your products are sold.
Askås Subscription Manager
Subscription feature for regular delivery on given intervals or on fixed dates.
Askås B2B
Askås e-commerce platform offer features and modules well adapted for B2B.
Askås Basic
Our basic packaging gives you the oppurtunity to quickly embark on long and succesful e-commerce journey.
Freight and Logistics
Askås has versatile features and integrations to leading partners in shipping and logistics.
Askås e-commerce platform have a number of features in regards to the european legislation GDPR.
Service Level Agreement
SLA, Service Level Agreement provides security and stability. You get access to an on-call support technician 24 hours...
Askås Tag Manager
Askås Tag Manager is an integrated admin tool for managing tags and pixels.
Profiling & Analysis
We offer the opportunity for profiling of frontend and backend.
Encryption with a secure and stable SSL certificate is a basic necessity for reputable e-merchants.
Askås and Google
We can help you to access and benefit from all the tools that Google offers.