Better conversion with Askås

 Askås 11 is the latest version of our e-commerce platform. Developed and designed with e-retailers and end consumers in equally sharp focus. Packed with features, stability and integrations to relevant partners.

25 years
of experience
5 billion SEK
in merchant revenue
versions per year

Which version fits your needs?

Our e-commerce platform is used by several of Sweden's leading e-retailers such as CAIA Cosmetics, Teknikproffset, Care of Carl and Proteinbolaget. At the same time the platform is affordable and versatile enough to suit newly started e-commerce companies. With Askås you can make your visions come true, regardless of starting point or line of business.

  • Askås 11 ENTERPRISE™

    For you with high demands regarding performance

    Askås' largest packaging is Enterprise. Of course, everything that is included in Askås Total is included in Enterprise as well. But in addition, Enterprise comes with Askås Product Engine for market leading performance. If you have really high traffic volume that require top-notch site-speed and stability – then Askås Enterprise is the right choice for you.

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  • Askås 11 TOTAL™

    Everything included. And a bit more

    For medium-sized and large companies that are ready to utilize the full potential of Askås e-commerce platform. Askås Total comes packed with a number of advanced features, such as Multi Market Manager and Customer Loyalty Manager..

    Feature list
  • Askås 11 PLUS™

    Optimal solution for expanding companies

    For established retailers that want to scale up. If you want to expand to new markets, utilize tailored integrations, work with bundled pricing, resellers and advanced price calculations. When you need advanced features for campaigns, additional sales and cross-selling, Askås Plus is the right version for you.

    Feature list
  • Askås 11 STANDARD™

    Advanced solution – affordable price!

    The solution for the smaller company with high ambitions. We like driven entrepreneurs and several of our customers started their journey with us. With Askås 10, startups and smaller e-retailers gets access to one of the market's most reputable platforms at a low price.

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  • Askås 11 MARKETPLACE™

    Build your own marketplace and reach more customers

    E-commerce is an obvious part of consumers' everyday lives. Today more than ever, this is a reality that cannot be ignored. Askås Marketplace is our own, versatile and powerful digital marketplace that has the features needed to gather merchants and offer their products to new customer groups.

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Take control over your returns

Askås RMS is an automated return management module that saves time and money.

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Powerful search at the right price

Askås Enterprise Search is a fully-fledged search function that guides your customers right.

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Merchants that use Askås

Care of Carl
Care of Carl
Fashion & Accessories
Nordiska Galleriet
Nordiska Galleriet
Interior design
Fashion & Accessories
Fashion & Accessories
Diet & Health

Askås Enterprise – converting speed

PERFORMANCE. Enterprise comes with Askås Product Engine – our own technology that provides lightning-fast product listing and filtering.

ENTERPRISE SEARCH. High-end and competitive search features with search statistics, dynamic filtering, synonyms, spell-checks, redirects and much more.

STABILITY. Flexible server setups with possible redundancy, scalability and market-leading reliability.

Versatile e-commerce

Regardless of line of business and where you’re at on your e-commerce journey, we can meet your needs. We provide solutions to handle products, order flow, customers and other parts in the e-commerce chain. Askås 11 also has a user-friendly, intuitive and flexible interface.  

Our platform is packed with features that give you the opportunity to work smart and efficiently. Take control of design, customer communication, campaigns and everything else that’s needed for successful e-commerce.

Askås Content Editor
Powerful and flexible drag and drop feature for building front pages, landing pages and newsletters.
Askås Marketing Automation
Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.
Multi Market Manager
With Askås Multi Market Manager you can reach customers on a global market regardless of location and language.
Optional delivery point
Offer even better service by letting customers choose where they want to pick up their packages.

Are you talking to me?

Successful e-commerce today requires good connections with a variety of external partners and systems. We work with all the major payment providers and offer connections to a number of external sales and marketing channels. We also have extensive experience of creating integrations with leading systems for ERP and logistics.

Feel free to contact us and we will help you create an optimized concept for efficient and successful e-commerce.

Payments - PSP
Payments - PSP
Payments - PSP
Payments - PSP
Customer loyalty - CRM
Point of sale - POS

Recipe for success

FREE UPDATES. No unpleasant surprises when new versions arrive. Version updates are generally free of charge for our customers.

EDUCATION AND SUPPORT. A given ingredience is our educational concept. Our various educations are adapted just for you and your needs.

RELIABLE E-COMMERCE. Free support during office hours and the opportunity for SLA. We make sure to always be at the forefront when it comes to stability.

Made in Värmland

DOWN TO EARTH AND SUCCESSFUL. We currently have 65 committed employees - developers, designers, project managers and e-commerce consultants. All based at our offices in Värmland – midway between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.  

Our identity and location in Värmland is something we at Askås are proud of. A down to earth, strategic and methodical approach are given ingredients in our recipe for success.  

Do you want to experience Askås e-commerce platform? Do not hesitate, contact us today.