Dynamic Content Manager

Dynamic Content Manager is a feature that lets you schedule how and when different types of content should be displayed.
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Work efficiently with Dynamic Content Manager

For you to be able to work dynamically, flexibly and time-saving with your e-commerce is an obvious driving force for us. DCM - Dynamic Content Manager meets these criteria and the feature provides clear benefits for you who want to be active and smart with your e-commerce.

Set up one or more dynamic banner areas, fill these with good content and schedule how and when the content should be displayed.

Then it is up to you to start using DCM and fill your various surfaces with content - so-called slides. Information texts, inspiring images and of course sales offers and promotions.

Pros with DCM

You get the opportunity to set up a short- or long-term schedule and control when and how different types of content should be displayed in your banner surfaces.

You can link campaigns to the different surfaces you have in your e-commerce.

If a linked campaign ends, you can use a flexible fallback function. Pre-insert image/text that is activated when a banner area would otherwise be empty..

Sites that use Dynamic Content Manager

Fashion & Accessories
Interior design
Home & Garden
  • More information
    DCM gives you control, it saves time and you can work long-term and flexibly based on your needs. When you choose to start using DCM, we will discuss and setup the feature suite to your e-commerce. We decide which banner surfaces to create as part of DCM and Askås initially does this work.

    DCM also provides the opportunity for time control via Askås Content Editor. Read more about this drag and drop functionality for building start pages, web pages, landing pages and blog posts.
  • Costs

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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