Askås Marketing Automation

Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.
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Smart communication with Marketing Automation

AMA - Askås Marketing Automation is the communication center in Askås e-commerce platform. Relevant, well-thought-out and appealing communication is a crucial success factor for creating good relationships with your customers and directly or in the long run generate sales and increase conversion.

Make customized and targeted mailings through e-mail or SMS to customers. Send offers to customers who are celebrating their birthdays, communicate with customers who have bought a certain product or a certain brand. The possibilities are almost endless.

The strength lies in the integrations with the order and newsletter databases. Built into Askås WebbAdmin is an advanced tool for creating targeted mailings, without third-party systems and extra administration.

Pros with Askås Marketing Automation

EFFICIENT. Good chances for high conversion as you can make very detailed receiver selections.

POWERFUL. You can have an unlimited number of automated mailings running at the same time.

AFFORDABLE. Flexible pricing - you only pay for what you actually send.

ANALYSIS. In the statistics for each e-mail you can see how many e-mails have been sent, how many have read them and which customers have opened them.
  • More information

    Advanced sample groups

    With the help of a large number of sample groups, you can, for example, reach customers who have shopped from a certain brand to inform that news has arrived, you can inform about accessories for products that customers have bought or simply ask customers to leave a review on a product. If you have discount codes in your webshop, it's also possible to automatically generate one-time codes that can be included in the mailings.

    You can also limit which recipients will receive the mailings based on customer language, price lists, customer categories, locations, countries, birthday, number of purchases in total , time since last order, time since last delivery and time since registration.

  • Costs
    Askås Marketing Automation is included in all licenses and the function does not entail a fixed monthly cost. You pay a variable cost for distribution of the mailings.

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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