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Askås Enterprise Search is a smart search function for high conversion.
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Askås Enterprise Search

Askås Enterprise Search is a feature-rich, versatile and fast search function that saves all searches and uses these as a data basis for a number of powerful features. Work with synonyms, redirects and unique content that appears at the top of search results. Manage misspellings and highlight popular and trending searches.

Quick search that presents search suggestions, products, categories and brands in real time. Deep search with a complete crawl of your site including web pages and blog posts. Askås Enterprise Search is an affordable site search with tools to guide your customers in the right direction and, by extension, increase conversion, turnover and profitability.

A Quick Search with well-functioning and customer-friendly autocomplete functionality is a fundamental part of Askås Enterprise Search. Suggestions for search phrases are automatically generated after two written characters. Everything according to your wishes and based on searches that have yielded hits in the past.

Directly in Quick Search, you can display products, categories and brands that connect to the search phrase. Other content in your e-commerce, web pages, blog posts and more can also be presented in the Quick Search view if you wish.

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    Technical features and specifications

    • Searches are saved

      The consumers' searches are saved and used as a data basis for various search functions.

    • Search statistics

      Clear and useful statistics on what customers have searched for and how many search hits have been generated. In the statistics view, it is possible to filter out search terms that did not yield any hits. These can advantageously be linked to products, product groups, web pages and more through the Dedicated search field function.

    • Dedicated search field

      A dedicated search field per language is available on individual products, categories, brands, web pages and blog posts. Search terms can be entered manually and generate hits when the terms are used in a search.

    • Direct hit on product ID

      Setting so that a search on product ID gives a direct hit on a product. The user is thus sent to the product page directly without the search result being displayed.

    • Redirects

      Support for specifying redirects for an unlimited number of search phrases. This can, for example, be used to forward visitors to a brand when searching for Nike etc.

    • Synonyms

      Possibility to connect synonyms to search words and phrases and thus make it easier for end customers to find what they’re looking for. You can create synonyms for search phrases that don’t generate any hits. A common problem is misspelling or combining terms that do not match the terminology you use. This can be solved through active work with synonyms.

      • Popular & Trending Searches

        List popular and trending searches when you press the search box. Ability to set a time interval on which the functions should be based. Number of months for popular and days for trending searches.

      • Previous searches

        Ability to 'save' previous searches which are then displayed when clicked in the search box.

      • Highlight of search hits in LSS

        Highlight of search hits in LSSM Ability to highlight search suggestions in Quick Search. According to best-practice, it is the autocomplete phrases that are highlighted and not what the customer has searched for. Examples ipad, ipad case, ipad charger.

      • Include gift cards (Live search and deep search)

        When searching for gift cards, it should be possible to direct the hit to the function (landing page) for Askås gift cards.

      • General improvements

        Improvements so that all words the visitor searches for must match a field for a product for it to be counted as a hit (before it was enough that any word matched). It also means that handling of special characters such as hyphens will be better than before.

      • Boost results in Deep Search

        In the settings area for Deep Search there is an option to "boost" special data fields. A boost value between 1–10 indicates how high relevance a hit in the current field should give. The higher the value, the higher the relevance.

      • Content linked to search phrases

        Option to create content in an html-editor that is activated and displayed at the top of the search result (Deep Search). It is possible to link one or more search phrases to the same content.

      • Auto-complete in Quick Search

        Possibility to present search phrases that generated search hits for other customers. The keywords are ranked according to how often someone searched for them. You control how many times a search phrase must have been used before to be presented as a suggestion. You also choose how many search phrases should be presented in the Quick Search view

      • Dynamic filter

        Filtering in search results and other views that support filters. Filters are displayed based on which properties are linked to the products in the current selection. Management of which properties and values ​​should be available for filtering is administered in a separate view in WebAdmin.

      • Pagination in Deep Search

        Support for pagination for the result in Deep Search, even when the deep search has no filters.

      • Search on special characters

        Management to be able to perform searches on special characters.

      • Search in web pages and blogs

        Enable the visitor to search in web pages and blog posts. It is possible to display search results for web pages and blog posts in both Quick Search and Deep Search.

  • Costs

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