Askås Subscription Manager

Subscription feature for regular delivery on given intervals or on fixed dates.
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Automated sales
with Subscription Manager

Subscriptions gives a new dimension to your webshop

Askås Subscription Manager provides a new dimension and sales channel to your e-commerce as you can offer your customers to purchase through subscriptions.

You can sell individual products or packages of products for delivery at given intervals or on fixed dates. Starting a subscription is as easy for the customer as making a regular purchase.

The customer adds regular products and/or subscription products he or she wishes to order, and can also combine different subscription products in the same shopping cart.

Subscription Manager creates the subscriptions based on the customer's shopping cart. In order to entice a purchase you can set up special subscription prices on the products the first time they are purchased.

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    VERSATILE. Offer different types of subscriptions to your customers.

    EASY. Integrated product administration in Webadmin with an overview of orders linked to a specific subscription product, the ability to re-register products, etc.

    CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. "My pages" where the customer can view and manage their subscriptions.

    SAFE. Use reserve payment method (invoice) if automatic withdrawal from card account fails.

    FLEXIBLE. Opportunity to offer a special promotional price for the first delivery.
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