Askås Cross Selling

Askås Cross Selling gives you the opportunity to offer relevant accessories that customers need. Good conversion and a great chance for upselling.
Askås Cross Selling in the group Features at Askås I&R AB (askas_0035)

Smart upselling with Askås Cross Selling

Upselling for the e-retailer and excellent service for the end customer. These are the fundamental positive effects of Askås Cross Selling. The feature gives you excellent opportunities to inform your customers about accessories they can't do without.

Pros with Askås Cross Selling

CONVERTING. As soon as a customer adds a Cross Selling product to the shopping cart, a purchase pattern is triggered where you can offer related products and accessories. The customer can immediately choose to add the products to their order.

You can choose whether to link one or more products to your Cross Selling combination.

Choose individual products or an entire product group as a "trigger" for your Cross Selling.

Keep track of which Cross Selling combination and linked products generate the best sales and conversion.


  • More information
    It is possible to link any number of products to a Cross Selling combination.

    Example from:

  • Costs
    Contact Askås for detailed pricing, more information, and ordering: or 0533-69 16 00.