Askås Leads

Askås Leads gives you the opportunity to collect e-mail addresses for future communication with your customers.
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More customers with Askås Leads

Collect email addresses and build long-term relations

Thoughtful communication and good relations with customers are crucial for successful e-retail.

Askås Leads contains simple, flexible yet powerful functionality for colleciting customers' email addresses and thereby expanding the reach of your newsletters.

A large mailing list lets you strengthen your customer relations and, in the long run, generate more sales.

Askås Leads gives you the opportunity to control where, when and how your customers will have the chance to submit their e-mail address. The feature also allows you to link different campaigns with discount codes to the Leads field and thereby provide added value to your customers.

Pros with Askås Leads

FLEXIBLE. Layout and form fields can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

VERSATILE. Control when the Leads popup should be displayed to the customer. After number of clicks, after a certain time or at specific URL.

GLOBAL. Of course, you can have different forms for customers in different countries.

  • More information
    Askås Leads can be linked to the campaign feature in Askås e-commerce system. This allows you to automatically send out discount codes to all customers who enter their email address.

    Of course, the feature contains statistics that show how different Leads activities convert.
  • Costs

    Contat Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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