Customer Loyalty Manager

Set up loyalty programs in wich your customers can collect points for future purchases.
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Customer Loyalty Manager

Strengthen relationships in the long run

Strengthening customer relations, creating repurchases and building loyalty are important factors of a successful business. Askås has the right tools to help you create loyalty programs and the knowledge how to utilize them strategically.

Through Askås Customer Loyalty Manager (CLM) you can create loyalty/bonus programs in which your customers can collect points according to your setup and exchange points for bonus checks that can be used for future purchases.

Pros with CLM

ADAPTABLE. Set up different offers for your entire assortment, for individual brands, for individual product groups or for specific products.

FLEXIBEL. Have different sets of bonus checks with greater value for more points collected.

TRANSPARENT. The consumer has an overview of his points status and can manage his points via My pages. As a seller, you always have a complete overview of points paid out and bonus checks via WebbAdmin.

VERSATILE. Opportunity for customer-specific adaptations of the feature.

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