Product Filtering

Filtering of products by properties, product groups, brands, price and much more.
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Fast and efficient filtering

Give your customers the tools to find what they’re looking for

If you have a large number of products in your web shop, product filtering is a powerful tool that allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. With the help of filtering, your visitors can filter out products by properties, product groups, brands and price.

The filtering can be done, for example, by the customer making a choice in a drop-down menu, ticking a checkbox or the customer dragging a slider to change the value in the search.

The filtering is applied to product groups, which means that you can have many different types of filters in the store. The filtering feature is delivered with a standardized appearance. Of course, you can contact Askås for a discussion on layout changes according to the design of your webshop.

Pros with product filtering

FLEXIBILITY. You decide how everything should work and it is possible to have different filter types in different product groups.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Customers save time and quickly find what they are looking for, contributintg to increased conversion.

FLEXIBLE. Have fewer underlying product groups, use filtering properties instead.

Sites that use Product Filtering

Care of Carl
Fashion & Accessories
Diet & Health
Fashion & Accessories
  • More information

    What is filtering?

    Filtering of products is a feature that gives your customers tools to quickly find the product or products they want.

    A good filtering allows the customer to combine several different filtering parameters to quickly narrow the product selection.

    To improve the customer experience further and create conditions for better conversion, filtering should also be combined with a sorting function.

    Askås filter is easy to use, powerful and efficient. It can also be adapted and designed according to your specific wishes and needs.

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  • Costs

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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