Service Level Agreement

SLA, Service Level Agreement provides security and stability. You get access to an on-call support technician 24 hours a day.
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Security around the clock with Askås Service Level Agreement

For extra security and stability, you can sign a Service Level Agreement with Askås. This gives you access to an on-call support technician 24 hours a day..

Askås offers all e-commerce customers access to an efficient and knowledgeable support via email and telephone during office hours. If you feel that you want an expanded access to technical support, this can also be provided.

SLA, Service Level Agreement, means that in emergency situations you can contact and get help from our on-call technician 24 hours a day.

SLA means security during hot sales periods. If you run an e-commerce that draws a lot of traffic during, for example, Black Friday or other important sales periods, SLA can save you when unforeseen events occur.

Pros with Service Level Agreement

    Out-of-office technical support for errors caused by Askås.

    Support and troubleshooting outside office hours regarding other matters against debiting.

    24-hour emergency service via email and telephone.

    • More information

      Opportunity to get help within an hour even outside office hours. (SLA Total)

      Automatic monitoring of your web shop.

      Automatic monitoring of your web shop with alarm function. (SLA Max and Total)

    • Costs

      Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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