Askås Shopping Assistant

Askås Shopping Assistant is a feature that allows sharing a "completed" shopping cart with the end customer via text message or email.
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Customer relations with
Askås Shopping Assistant

Successful e-commerce relies heavily on trust and good customer relations. Being able to provide advice to customers and guide them to the right products, both online and over the phone, is an important factor.

Askås Shopping Assistant is a simple and effective feature in Askås' e-commerce platform that only becomes available with a specific login. Through the feature, your customer service personnel can help a customer create the optimal shopping cart in real-time, either via phone or email.

Then the shopping cart is shared with the end customer via SMS or email, including the correct products, shipping method, and any applicable discount codes. The end customer selects their preferred payment method and completes the purchase.

Pros with Askås Shopping Assistant

CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Being able to guide the customer correctly strengthens your customer relationships.

EASY. A quick and easy function for both customer service personnel and end customers.

CONVERTING. Confident customers who have received good support are more likely to make a purchase.
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