Into the future with Askås Marketplace

E-commerce is an obvious part of consumers' everyday life. Today more than ever, this is a reality that cannot be ignored. Askås Marketplace is a versatile and powerful digital marketplace that has the tools required to gather merchants and offer their products to new customer groups.

How does it work?

Askås feature-rich and stable e-commerce platform is the basis of the marketplace.

The administrator receives, reviews, rejects or approves applications made from merchants on the site.

Merchants get access to their own interface, the Merchant Center, where products, campaigns, information texts and more are handled.

Compensation to merchants is handled through automated self-invoices.

Questions and Answers about Askås Marketplace

  • Is it a standalone plattform?
    No, Askås Marketplace is an additional functionality to Askås E-commerce platform. In order to use the Marketplace, at least version Plus of the e-commerce platform is required.
  • How many merchants can join the marketplace?
    There are no restrictions regarding the number of merchants. However, it is always you as the administrator and owner of the marketplace who reviews and approves applications from merchants.
  • What kind of support is offered?
    When you buy Askås Marketplace, you of course get access to our free support department during office hours. There is also the option of purchasing our additional monitoring service Service Level Agreement for access to emergency personnel 24/7.
  • Is the marketplace GDPR proof?
    Yes! Askås’ e-commerce platform, which forms the basis of the marketplace, includes a wide range of GDPR functions at no extra monthly cost. Cookie management via Askås Cookie Manager, functions for deleting customer data and obtaining customer consent. The platform also includes a flexible authorization function that provides the opportunity to differentiate access to features in WebbAdmin for different users.
  • How can you work with commission?
    In addition to the general commission you set for the marketplace, it is also possible to set an individual commission level for an individual trader. It is also possible to work with different commission levels for a trader's different products.
  • What is Merchant Center?
    Merchant Center is a separate interface where connected merchants administer their "shop", their products, campaigns, orders and shipping methods. The merchant uploads his own logo and personal information text.


Landshopping is already up and running

In 2019, LRF Medias’ marketplace Landshopping was the first to be launched with Askås Marketplace. Around 80 traders were connected from the start and today that number has more than doubled.