Converting e‑commerce for many with Askås Marketplace Platform 

E-commerce is an integral part of consumers' daily lives. Today, more than ever, this is a reality that cannot be ignored. The Askås Marketplace Platform is a Swedish, in-house developed, and powerful platform that has the tools required to bring together merchants and offer their products to new customer groups.

How Askås Marketplace Works

Askås' feature-rich and stable e-commerce platform serves as the foundation for the marketplace. The administrator receives, reviews, accepts, or rejects applications made by merchants on the site.

Merchants have access to their own interface, the Merchant Center, where they manage products, campaigns, orders, returns, and information texts, among other things.

Consumers can purchase products from all connected merchants on the shared marketplace. It's a comprehensive, converting, and modern e-commerce solution.

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Askås E-commerce Platform

Interface for Managing the Marketplace

The foundation of Askås Marketplace is the Askås e-commerce platform, which is used by several of Sweden's leading e-commerce businesses in their respective industries. In this fully web-based interface, the marketplace's owners manage all the basic settings related to payment methods, shipping, web pages, and much more. They determine the commission to be used and how and when payments are made to the merchants.

The interface is also used to review all applications from merchants looking to join the marketplace. These applications must be approved before a merchant receives login credentials and can list products.

Merchant Center

Convenient and Easy-to-Use Merchant Interface

Askås Marketplace is a Multi-Vendor platform that allows an unlimited number of merchants to join. All approved merchants receive login credentials to their own interface, Merchant Center. In this interface, merchants can independently list products, work on campaigns, manage returns, and communicate with their customers.

The Merchant Center features a smooth and intuitive interface that makes it easy to add products and get started with selling on the marketplace.


The marketplace where the end consumer shops

The purpose of Askås Marketplace Platform is to bring together various merchants with similar or entirely different types of products. The collective offering allows the marketplace as a whole to attract a larger and more diverse customer base. Consequently, the connected merchants have the opportunity to "meet" new customers and increase their sales.

The marketplace functions and looks like a regular e-commerce platform with clear structure, robust search functionality, and the ability for user-friendly and conversion-focused product filtering.

Questions and Answers about Askås Marketplace Platform

Two marketplaces that are already up and running

Sustainable Products and Local Crafts

In 2019, Familjekortet Sverige AB's marketplace, Landshopping, was the first to be launched using Askås Marketplace Platform. Around 80 merchants joined from the beginning, and today, that number has more than doubled.



NOA Gallery


NOA Gallery Offers Unique Art

NOA Gallery launched its new site with Askås in May 2023.
NOA is a part of Bonnier News and is the obvious online marketplace for art. NOA offers a range with both breadth and depth to meet the demands of the market.

Technical info - Askås Marketplace Platform

Approve Merchants

As an administrator, you review and approve applications from merchants. Products from merchants also need to be approved before they are displayed on the marketplace.


Askås statistics module allows you to filter specific sales statistics based on time intervals, product groups, and, of course, merchants (Suppliers).


Self-invoicing feature where automatic invoices are generated from merchants to you as the administrator and owner of the marketplace at specified intervals.

Flexible Commission

Possible to specify an individual commission level for a single merchant. It's also possible to work with different commission levels for a merchant's different products.

Merchant Interface

The Merchant Center is a separate interface where merchants manage their "store," products, and campaigns. The merchant uploads their logo and information text.

Returns Handling

Support for returns handling directly in the platform and in the Merchant Center. When the merchant sets the status to "Returned," an email is generated to the administrator, who sets the status to "Completed/Refunded."

Products and Campaigns

Simple yet powerful product functionality. Support for working with variant products, such as size, color, model. The merchant can set up their own campaigns directly in the Merchant Center.

Import Function

In the Merchant Center, the merchant can easily and efficiently add and update products using the convenient import functionality.

Four Benefits of Askås Marketplace Platform

Askås Marketplace erbjuder nya marknader

  • New Markets
    An increasingly fundamental part of a successful e-commerce concept is the ability to expand geographically. Askås Marketplace is built on Askås powerful e-commerce platform with excellent support and functionality for establishing in new markets.
Askås Marketplace - Integrated Solution
  • Integrated Solution
    Successful digital commerce requires strong connections to external systems. With Askås Marketplace, a variety of stable integrations are available, allowing you to quickly connect desired solutions in PSP, ERP, logistics, and much more.
RMS - Save Time
  • Multi Vendor
    The concept of Multi Vendor simply means "multiple merchants." Askås Marketplace is a full-fledged Multi Vendor solution that allows an unlimited number of merchants to join the marketplace. However, it is the marketplace owner who receives and approves applications.
Askås Marketplace - Merchant Center
  • Smooth Merchant Interface
    Once an application for connection has been approved by the marketplace owner, the merchant gains access to their own intuitive and simple interface. In the interface (Merchant Center), merchants can, among other things, add their products, work on campaigns, manage orders, customers, and returns.