Askås Server Side Tracking

S2S - event tracking solution with support for Facebook Conversion API.
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Askås Server 2 Server
Event Tracking Module

Scheduled data transfer to Facebook Conversion API

To be able to efficiently track, store and send events in your e-commerce to other systems is in many ways a necessity in a well-functioning e-commerce chain.

We have developed Askås Server 2 Server - Event Tracking Module which saves information locally before it is forwarded to external API:s.

With Askås S2S-module, it becomes possible to collect and queue events in your e-commerce locally before a transfer to another system takes place. Currently, the S2S module is prepared for saving and sending event data from your e-commerce to the Facebook Conversion API. The solution provides the opportunity to continue tracking events from Apple's iOS 14 devices and thus to maintain successful advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Pros with Askås S2S

EFFICIENT. You have the ability to continue tracking events from iOS 14 devices.

SAFE. If you use Askås Cookie Manager, the choices made by your customer regarding cookies are the basis for what is stored and sent. The feature thus follows GDPR.

VERSATILE. The S2S.module means that you can also track events from customers who have some form of Ad blocker activated.

  • More information

    Askås S2S med Facebook Conversion API

    1. Tracking pixels for different events are created and set up in Askås Tag Manager, ATM.

    2. Event tracking is sent via ATM to a Receiver module where it is temporarily stored in a database.

    3. An Agent module goes through incoming events and data is sent according to a specific schedule to Facebook Conversion API.

    4. The information sent is matched against customer data that Facebook has.

    ACM - Askås Cookie Manager

    ACM is Askås’ built-in feature for obtaining and managing customer consent regarding cookies.

    If you use Askås Cookie Manager, the cookie choices made by your customers are the basis for what is sent to Facebook.

    Read more: Askås Cookie Manager.

  • Costs

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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