Store Collect Manager

Askås SCM-module connects orders and deliveries between you webshop and physical store.
Store Collect Manager in the group Features at Askås I&R AB (askas_0017)

Connect you webshop to a physical store

The combination of e-commerce and physical stores are becoming more common among Askås’ customers. The demand for features that provide the opportunity to really benefit from the two sales channels thus increases.

Askås has identified a need to facilitate and improve opportunities for handling customers who wish to order via e-commerce but pick it up in store. Therefore, Askås has developed and offers the module Store Collect Manager - SCM.

SCM provides the opportunity for the customer to order delivery/pickup in store directly at the checkout.

Pros with SCM

VERSATILE. Separate login in Askås SCM for each physical store. Central login/authorization that provides an overview of all orders.

SIMPLE. Opportunity to see orders "On the way" (new orders) and pre-notification via SMS and e-mail.

CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. Notification via email/SMS to the end customer.
  • More information
    What is included in the installation?

    Installation and configuration of module - The customer then configures stores, logins etc.

    Basic documentation

    Online education - 1 hour

  • Costs

    Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00