Askås Content Editor

Powerful and flexible drag and drop feature for building front pages, landing pages and newsletters.
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Take control with
Askås Content Editor

Build front pages and landing pages with drag and drop

As of Askås 10, all existing and future Askås customers can utilize ACE, Askås Content Editor. A flexible and powerful feature that gives you control over content in your e-commerce site.

In addition to web pages, the feature can also be used when creating newsletters in Askås Marketing Automation as well as blogposts. ACE is a powerful drag and drop-tool that gives e-retailers the opportunity to quickly and easily create different sections and then connect widgets. You add any number of rows and you divide the rows into columns to which you drag the desired widgets.

Pros with Askås Content Editor

TIME CONTROL. ACE communicates with Askås DCM function. With DCM activated, you get the opportunity to time control content in ACE.

PREVIEW. You always have the opportunity to preview your work with. Regardless of whether the web page is active or not.

FLEXIBILITY. Work with different content for desktop versus mobile.

  • More information

    Image. Versatile image management widget. You can select separate images for desktop and mobile. Lazy-load function for better performance.

    Products. Present products in several different ways. View articles from specific article group, top list or news. Article groups. Display of one or more article groups.

    Slider. Image display of several images. Select manual or automatic display with a desired time interval.

    Content blocks. For different types of content. Text, images, videos, forms and more.

    Blog. If you use Askås blog feature, you can present blog posts with this widget.

    Code. Pure code widget. For the advanced user. Not activated in default mode.

    Accordion. Widget that generates a headline/question with associated hidden text. Can be useful for eg FAQ:s.

    Forms. Feature for creating different types of contact forms.

    DCM. Widget that retrieves content from Dynamic Content Manager. Requires that the DCM feature is enabled.

  • Costs
    A basic version of Askås Content Editor is included in all licenses of Askås e-commerce platform. The ability to time control content requires DCM.

    OBS. Costs for adaptations of basic design and functionality will be added.

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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