Return Management System

Askås Return Management System is an integrated and powerful return portal that is available in two different versions.
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Return Management System – your integrated return portal 

Clear routines in combination with efficient and flexible features in the e-commerce platform are crucial for a functioning and customer-friendly return management. Askås Return Management System is an automated return module that saves time and money. 

Create return reasons and return statuses that suit the industry you operate in. Set up e-mails that are sent automatically to customers at various stages in the return process. Create manual returns directly in the module when this need arises. 

RMS is available in two versions. RMS Standard which is included for all customers and an additional service, RMS Advanced with extended functionality.

Pros with Askås RMS

INTEGRATED. In Askås WebbAdmin, you get access to a complete Admin module filled with functions and settings for powerful and smooth return management. 

CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. The end customer can initiate and complete a return case in logged-in mode directly on My pages. 

FLEXIBLE. Versatile settings with the ability to create unique return reasons for returns and complaints.

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    RMS Standard

    • Askås RMS is fully integrated in Askås WebbAdmin. The module has a number of setting options, smooth handling and review of all return and complaint matters.

    • Return statistics

      Feature in Askås statistics module where you get a clear overview of returned products and how often they have been returned. Directly in the list, you can choose to "flag" products that are returned too often. When a new return is made of this product, it is exposed as flagged in the return flow WebbAdmin.

    • Create your own return reasons

      Flexible and versatile settings with the ability to create unique return reasons for returns and complaints.

    • Automatic email function

      Set different return statuses on different cases and generate automatic e-mails to end customers in the event of a change to a certain status.

    • Return / complaint via My pages

      The end customer can initiate and complete a return case in logged-in mode directly on My pages.

    • Support for replacement order

      Support for creating replacement order with the same product in case of complaint.

    • Flagging of PSP that does not support refund

      Returns containing payment methods where there is no support for automatic refund is flagged up for manual handling.

    • Notification when refund has not been processed

      Customer service receives a notification in Askås WebbAdmin when an automatic refund has not been processed by a PSP.

    • Manual return

      Customer service can easily create a return or complaint case for an end customer in the module. Useful when a customer calls or emails in a return case.

    • Integration to ERP, WMS

      If you work in external systems that are part of the return chain, we already have integrations in place for a number of leading ERP and WMS.

    • Automatic refunds

      Once a return case has been completed, an automatic refund is triggered to the end customer via PSP. *

      * A few PSP’s do not support refunds. Contact Askås for more information.


    RMS Advanced

    • New flow

      Manage returns and complaints in the same flow.

    • Change of product via My pages

      The end customer can directly on My pages register an exchange case and switch to another variant of the same product. For example, for a sweater in a different size or color. Assumes that you use Askå's accessory lists.

    • Extended support for standardized emails

      Create an unlimited number of e-mails per return status. This means that it is possible to communicate more directly and specifically with the end customer depending on the type of case in question, the payment method used and more.

    • Dynamic Information Collection

      Create dynamic fields that can be displayed in the end customer's return flow in the store. The fields are for collecting information from the customer, or displaying information text.

    • Extra return information in WebbAdmin

      Show extra information on returns / complaints in webbadmin. For example, if orders have been paid for with gift cards, if Gift with purchase is registered on orders and more. Also provides the ability to create your own fields to save information in, linked to a return / return line.

    • Return documents via e-mail or regular mail

      Feature that is connected to Nshift (Unifaun). The end customer can be given the opportunity on My pages to choose to receive their consignment note via email or regular mail. .

    • Create several repurchases on a completed return case

      A repurchase is normally created on approved return lines when a return case is given a status that triggers repurchases, for example Completed. If a return line in the same case but at a later stage is given status approved, the system checks this and another repurchase is created for this return line.

    • Add order lines manually on a return case

      The overview for a return case shows any other lines / products included in the order. It is easy to add one or more order lines to the return item. Useful if the end customer returned a product that failed to be registered.

    • Return of stock balance per return case

      In the overview for an individual return case, it is possible to specify whether the stock balance should be returned based on the case. In the basic functionality, this is a general setting.

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