Take control over your returns

Clear routines in combination with efficient and flexible features in the e-commerce platform are crucial for a functioning and customer-friendly return management. Askås Return Management System is an automated return module that saves time and money.

RMS Standard or RMS Advanced?

  • RMS Standard
    Askås RMS Standard is included for all customers. Already in this basic version, Askås RMS contains a large number of features that simplify and automate return management for e-retailers and end consumers.

    Return statistics. Feature in Askås statistics module where you get a clear overview of returned products and how often they have been returned. Directly in the list, you can choose to "flag" products that are returned too often. When a new return is made of this product, it is flagged in the return flow in WebbAdmin.

    Create your own return reasons. Flexible and versatile settings with the ability to create unique return reasons for returns and complaints.

    Automatic emails. Set different return status on different cases and generate automatic e-mails to end customers when changing to a specific status.
  • RMS Advanced
    RMS Advanced of course contains everything that is in the basic version. In addition to this, there are functfeaturesons that provide the opportunity to work more specifically with individual return matters.

    Extended support for standardized emails. Create an unlimited number of emails per return status. This means that it is possible to communicate more directly and specifically with the end customer depending on the type of case in question, the payment method used and more.

    Change of product via My pages. The end customer can directly on My pages register an exchange case and switch to another variant of the same product.

    Dynamic Information Collection. Create dynamic fields that can be displayed in the end customer's return flow in the store. The fields are for collecting information from the customer, or displaying information text.


Flexible returns – happy customers

Working to reduce the number of "unnecessary" returns is important. The question is how to do it. Getting rid of returns by making it cumbersome and expensive means you risk losing customers. Instead, offer a simple and flexible return management and work on other fronts to reduce the amount of returns.

RMS Standard offers efficient return management backend and a smooth flow for the customer.

If you choose RMS Advanced, you also get control over which products are returned too often, you can identify unprofitable customers and you can communicate in a personal way directly from the portal.



Re-converting through exchanges

A well-functioning return management should make it easier for both you as an e-retailer and the consumers who shop from you. Allowing the customer to choose to change their product in one and the same return flow provides excellent conditions for quick re-conversion.

RMS Advanced contains features that handles just this. Consumers can choose to switch to another variant of the same product in the return flow directly on My Pages..

Four arguments for Askås RMS

RMS - Nöjda kunder

  • Create lojalty
    Focusing on the shopping experience is a necessary part. But it is equally important to create an optimal experience when a customer for various reasons has not been satisfied with their purchase. An automated, simple and functional return process is today a prerequisite for gaining loyal and returning customers.
RMS - Ta kontroll
  • Take control
    With Askås RMS, you get full control over your return management and all functionality is available directly in the e-commerce platform. Identify products that are returned too often and flag them in the system. Create dynamic fields on My pages to get the desired information from the customer (Advanced).
RMS - Spara tid
  • Save time
    It is no secret that an inefficient return process takes a lot of time for an e-merchant. By automating and digitizing your return management, lots of time is freed up for you and your colleagues. Time that can instead be spent on everything else that belongs to successful e-commerce.
RMS - Öka lönsamheten
  • Increase profit
    See return management as an opportunity for new business. Work with re-conversion by offering smooth exchanges when given the opportunity. Do not handle all return cases in the same way, create routines that allow you to find customers and products that provide an unreasonable amount of returns and costs.

We like integrations

It is possible to manage your returns only in Askås' return portal. At the same time, it is important that our system also ”talks” to external partners who are in some way involved in a return chain. These can be business systems (ERP), inventory management systems (WMS) and of course payment providers (PSP).

When it comes to payments, we have integrations that support refunds with all major PSP’s.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we together can find the best way forward for us as a supplier, for you as an e-retailer and ultimately for your customers.

RMS is integrated with

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Payments - PSP
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Payments - PSP
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