Askås Product Engine

Lightning fast product listing, filtering and search functionanlity. A part of Askås Enterprise.
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Askås Product Engine

A part of Enterprise

For e-retailers with high volume of traffic and high demands of market-leading performance and reliability, we offer Askås Enterprise.

This high end-version provides access to Askås Product Engine - our own technology that delivers lightning-fast product listing, market-leading filtering and excellent search functionality. All product data is placed on dedicated servers with smooth scalability and redundancy. 

Market leading speed

The charts below speak for themselves. Askås Enterprise delivers top results in terms of product listing, filtering and search functionality.

Server Side Rendering - SSR

Askås Product Engine uses SSR - Server Side Rendering. This means that all data is rendered (created) at the server level. This generates faster loading times and better UX for customers.

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    Technical specifications

    Server setup. Cluster solution with possible redundancy and flexible scalability.

    Server side rendering. All data is rendered at the server level.

    Capacity. The system can handle hundreds of thousands of products without losing performance.

    Syncing. Incremental sync of altered products within one minute.

    Search results by relevance. Decide for yourself which product information should be included in a search.

    Boost function. Highlight certain types of products in the search results through the boost function.

    Adjustments. Choose to "boost" products based on a variety of parameters. High margin, stock status and more.

    Spell check. Significant typos results in suggestions for possible corrections.

    Fuzzy matching. Minor spelling errors are corrected and generate a search result automatically.

    Dynamic filtering. Listed products are filtered dynamically based on which filter choices have been made.

    Custom sorting. Sorting by popularity, price, date, name, article number and more.
  • Costs

    Askås Product Engine is a part of our highend-version Enterprise. 
    Read more about our different licenses. Click here

    Contact Askås for info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

Sites that use Askås Product Engine


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