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Askås Enterprise Search

Askås Enterprise Search is a feature-packed and affordable site search with tools to lead your customers correctly and increase conversion rate, sales and profitability.

Work with synonyms, redirects and custom content that appear at the top of the search results. Manage misspellings and highlight popular and trending searches. Quick search that presents real-time search suggestions, products, categories and brands. Deep search with a complete search of all content on their site.

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Serve what the customer wants

A Quick Search with well-functioning and customer-friendly autocomplete feature is a fundamental part of Askås Enterprise Search. Search suggestions are auto-generated after two typed characters. Everything according to your setup and based on searches that have generated hits before.

Directly in Quick Search, you can view products, categories and brands that link to the search phrase. Other content in your e-commerce, websites, blog posts and more can also be presented in the Quick Search view if you wish.

Highlight in the right way

Opportunity to highlight search suggestions in Quick Search. According to best practice, it is the autocomplete phrases that are highlighted and not what the customer has searched for.

Enterprise or Enterprise Search?

Askås offers market-leading functionality and performance under the concept of Enterprise. Askås Enterprise is the most advanced version of our e-commerce platform and of course includes a fully stacked search functionality. Enterprise Search is a standalone search feature that can be used by all Askås customers regardless of packaging.

  • What is Askås Enterprise?
    Askås Enterprise is the most advanced packaging of Askås e-commerce platform. If you choose Enterprise for your e-commerce venture, you will have access to a large majority of our effective functionality. The main role in Enterprise is played by Askås Product Engine - a proprietary technology with market-leading performance and function regarding product listings, filtering and search. More information about Askås Enterprise.
  • What is Askås Enterprise Search?
    Askås Enterprise Search is a stand alone e-commerce search that was originally developed as part of the Askås Enterprise packaging. With Enterprise Search, e-retailers get access to a wide range of effective features for efficient and converting searches.

Knowledge increases accuracy

With Askås Enterprise Search comes knowledge of what your customers are looking for. Search statistics are saved and you can identify which searches are most common in your e-commerce. It is easy to filter out search phrases that do not generate hits. With the help of the information, you can help your customers get it right and counteract "dead ends".

You can easily redirect search phrases to a product page or brand you want to highlight. Why not send the customer to a website where you can provide relevant information linked to the search..

Extra boost and powerful deep search

Deep search is activated when the customer enters a search phrase and presses enter. You can control which data fields are to be searched and it is also possible to specify which fields are to control the sorting order in the result.

A difference compared with Quick Search is that Deep Search provides the opportunity to "boost" special data fields. A boost value between 1–10 indicates how high relevance a hit in the current field should give. The higher the value, the higher the relevance.

Content i djupsök

Link content to search phrases

Possibility to create content that is activated and displayed at the top of the search result (Deep search). You can easily create banners that you fill with information about campaigns, news, brands, products or anything else that you want to highlight a little extra.

Search in web pages and blog posts

With Askås Enterprise Search, you can open up your entire e-commerce site and match content to customers' search phrases. Searching web pages and blog posts is possible and the results can be presented in both Quick Search and Deep Search..

Block search phrases

Via the view of search phrases, you can easily block phrases you want to remove from the data base. This can be useful, for example, if someone abuses the search and uses inappropriate terms to sabotage. A blocked term does not give any auto suggestions.

Technical specification

  • Searches are saved

    Consumers' searches are saved and used as data for various search functions.

  • Statistics

    Clear and useful statistics on what customers searched for and how many search results were generated. In the statistics view, it is possible to filter out search terms that have not yielded a hit. These can be linked to products, product groups, web pages and more through the Dedicated search field function.

  • Dedikerat search field

    A dedicated search field per language is available on individual products, categories, brands, web pages and blog posts. Search terms can be entered manually and generate hits when the terms are used in a search.

  • Direct hit on Product-ID

    A search on a Product-ID can give a direct hit on a product. The user is thus sent to the product page directly without the search result being displayed.

  • Redirects

    Support for redirects for an unlimited number of search phrases. Can for example be used to send visitors to a brand during a search on Nike or similar.

  • Synonyms

    Opportunity to link synonyms to keywords and phrases and thus make it easier for end customers to get it right. You can create synonyms for search phrases that are used without generating hits in your e-commerce. A common problem is spelling or spelling terms that do not match the terminology you use. This can be solved through active work with synonyms.

  • Content linked to search phrases

    Ability to create content in an html editor that is activated and displayed at the top of the search result (Deep Search). You can link one or more search phrases to the same content.

  • Auto-complete in Quick search

    Opportunity to present search phrases that have generated search results for other customers. The keywords are ranked according to how often someone searched for them. You control how many times a search phrase must have been used previously to be presented as a suggestion. You also select how many search phrases to present in the Quick Search view.

  • Filtering in search results

    Of course, you can offer a smooth filtering of the search results. This gives your customers the opportunity to find what they are looking for faster and the conditions for conversion are raised.

  • Pagination in Deep search

    Pagination for the results in Deep Search, even when the deep search lacks filters.

  • Searching of special characters

    Support for search of special characters.

  • Search in web pages and blog posts

    Enable the visitor to search web pages and blog posts. It is possible to display search results for web pages and blog posts in both Quick Search and Deep Search.

  • Popular and trending searches

    List popular and trending searches at clicks in the search box. Possibility to set a time interval on which the features are to be based. Number of months for popular and days for trending searches.

  • Previous searches

    Possibility to 'save' previous searches which are then displayed by clicking in the search box.

  • Highlight of search hit in Quick search

    Opportunity to highlight search suggestions in Quick Search. According to best practice, it is the autocomplete phrases that are highlighted and not what the customer has searched for. Examples ipad, ipad cases, ipad chargers.

  • Include Gift cards (Quick and Deep)

    When searching for gift cards, it’s possible to redirect to the feature (landing page) for Askås gift cards.

  • General improvements

    Improvements so that all the words the visitor searches for must match any field for a product in order for it to count as a hit (before it was enough for one word to match). It also means that the handling of special characters such as hyphens is better than before.

  • Boost results in Deep search

    In the settings for Deep Search, it is possible to "boost" special data fields. A boost value between 1–10 indicates how high relevance a hit in the current field should give. The higher the value, the higher the relevance.

Cost for Askås Enterprise Search

Installation: 12 995 SEK
Licening cost: 4 995 SEK/month
NOTE. Askås Enterprise Search is included in Askås Enterprise.
Contact Askås for more info: or 0533-69 16 00.