Feature list Askås 11


  • Basic service

    Daily backups

    All database contents are backed up every night.

    FAQ och supportsystem 

    FAQ och guides avaliable directly in the system or through external supportcenter.

    Free updates (Release notes) 

    Free updates of the system within the current functional level and plan. Normal interval, once every quarter.

    Support - Mon-fri 08.00 - 16.00 

    Our support-team help you with technical support during office hours.

    Encrypted password database

    FTP-access to relevant information

    GDPR-compliant plattform 

    Basic features related to GDPR.

    Headless-compatible plattform

    Service Level Agreement

    SLA - Service Level Agreement gives you access to on-call technicians around the clock.


    SSL/TLS-encryption in your e-commerce.

  • Administration

    Authorization feature (Permissions)

    Feature for setting up authorization rules (permissions) for system administrators.

    Web-based administration

    The entire system is web-based. No installed software required.

    Statistics and reports

    Powerful statistics module included in WebbAdmin.

    Admin Search

    With Askås Admin Search, you can easily and quickly search for relevant information about customers, products and much more.

    Askås Explorer

    Via Askås Explorer, you can navigate parts of the server's file structure and upload and download files, as well as directly edit html and CSS.

    Import and export

    Support for import and export via both standardized and template-based formats, e.g. CSV and XML.

    Customizable template-based printing

    Customizable template-based printing of orders (delivery note, packing slip, etc.).

    Price calculation module

    Feature for advanced price calculations based on variables such as net price, TB, margin, etc.

    Invoicing feature

    Generate and manage own invoicing directly in the system.

  • Products

    Dynamic product descriptions

    Opportunity to present different descriptions that are dynamically displayed when changing variants in the product view.

    Images for variant products

    Display unique images for different variants, for example for color.

    Best-selling products

    Present lists of best-selling products in the design template. Lists are available for categories, brands and the entire assortment.

    Live search feature

    Search suggestions for the customer in real time. As default, products are suggested, based on popularity, brands and product names.

    Unlimited number of products

    No built-in restrictions regarding the number of products in the store.

    Unlimited number of categories

    Display your products in one or several categories (product categories or brands).

    Classes for freight and shipping methods

    Unlimited possibilities to configure shipping classes for good precision in the logistics process.

    Fields for text, images, files and more

    Flexible possibilities to present product information in tab systems for good usability and converting design.

    Scheduled publishing

    Feature for scheduling the publication of products.

    Import and export

    Extensive support for import and export via both standardized and template-based formats, e.g. CSV and XML.

    Optional sorting of products

    In addition to a number of predefined sorting schemes, it is possible to manually sort products in a category by drag-and-drop.

    Variant products

    Easy-to-use feature for creating and managing variants of products, such as clothes in different sizes and colors.

    My favorites

    Feature for customers to save their favorite products in a list.

    Product reviews

    eature to let the customer rate and write product reviews. The administrator can delete unwanted posts.

    SET-products (paketartiklar)

    Create SET-products by merging several products into one package. A SET-product can have an automatically calculated total price or a package price set manually.

    Stacked prices (quantity discounts)

    Possibility to give a discount on products based on the number purchased.

    Reseller module

    With the reseller module, you get the opportunity to offer your customers up to ten different price lists that are activated for customers who log in to the store.

    Product filtering

    With the help of filtering, your visitors can filter out products by properties, product groups, brands and price.

    Subscription Manager Enterprise

    The feature provides the opportunity to offer your customers sales through subscriptions.

    Askås Recommendation Manager (ARM)

    Digital products

    Sell e-books, audio files and course materials with Askås. Can be integrated with external systems if needed.

    Dynamic Product Lists

    Dynamic Product Lists is a feature for you who want to work with specific product listings in your e-commerce. With DPL, you can let the system place products in your "own" product groups and accessory lists based on selection rules you choose.

    Link blog posts to products

  • Order

    Return Management System - Standard

    Askås built-in return module to handle the entire return flow.

    Return Management System - Advanced

    Askås built-in return module to handle the entire return flow. Advanced add-on version.

    Automated supplier ordering

    Opportunity for external systems to automatically create orders in Askås, either via API or file-based.

    Freight search

    Order confirmation with printing feature

    Order map

    Feature that gives you a real-time geographical overview of incoming orders.

    Create order report

    Fast order form in store/web admin

    Search and view orders, see order history and statistics.

    Additional order


    Multichannel management

  • Customers

    B2B and B2C in the same system

    Customer database

    Customer profile with "My page"

    Limited access for a specific customer or customer group

    Unlimited number of customers

    Import and export

    Extensive support for import and export via standardized and template-based formats.

    Size guides

    Discount groups for customers

    Customer Loyalty Manager

    Create loyalty programs in which your customers can collect points that can be used for future purchases.

  • Checkout-features

    Additional sales at Checkout

    Age Limit Control


  • CMS - Design

    Askås Content Editor 

    Build start pages, web pages and newsletters with drag and drop functionality.

    Blog feature

    Responsive e-commerce

    Askås e-commerce platform is delivered with full responsiveness in all versions.

    Askås Embedded Content

    Askås Embedded Content brings life to your product lists. The feature makes it possible to display content between products in different product listings.

    Headless - Frontend via external CMS

    Develop frontend in external CMS via Askås API module.

    DCM - Scheduling of campaigns and content

    Askås Dynamic Content Manager gives you the opportunity to schedule and work dynamically with content blocks in your e-commerce.

  • Images

    Automatic scaling of images


    Delayed loading (lazyload) of images for better performance.

    Product image management

    Support for preview (thumbnail), image magnification, lightbox and product gallery.

    Support for WebP

  • Search optimization

    Dynamic Permalinks

    In Askås there is a powerful URL engine that gives you control over what your permanent links should look like.

    Built-in export for Google Sitemap

    Askås system has an efficient export feature linked to Google Sitemap.

    Metadata for products, images and web pages

    Various types of metadata clarify the content of your site and improve your SEO.


    Support for breadcrumbs or visible search paths.


    Askås has built-in support for so-called canonized links that prevent lost SEO.


    Microdata - structured data means that search engines "understand" content with increased search optimization as a result.

    Friendly URL  

    Askås platform contains support for Friendly URL:s. A feature that ensures that the URL:s are kept short and clear.

  • Askås Marketing Automation

    Automated mailings

    Use your customer and order data to create automated and targeted mailings via email or SMS.

    Abandoned Cart

    Create mailings that take your customers back to a shopping cart that has been abandoned for various reasons.

    Statistics tools

    Track your mailings, study statistics and learn in this way what works best.

    Flexible pricing

    You only pay for the emails and text messages you actually make.

  • Marketing and Campaigns

    Askås Tag Manager 

    Integrated admin tool for managing tags and measurement pixels. Via ATM you can control which tags to use, what the tags should contain for information but also where they should be added on your site.

    Export to Google Sitemap

    Askås system has an efficient export function linked to Google Sitemap.

    Discount codes

    Discount codes with support for generating and importing lists.

    Export to price agents

    Integrated support for export of price file to price agents such as Pricerunner and Prisjakt.

    Campaign module

    A basic campaign feature is included in all versions.

    Campaign groups

    Campaign groups are a grouping of products that should be included in a campaign or sale.

    Gift with purchase

    Gift with purchase gives you the opportunity to create campaigns of the type Buy optional products for XXX SEK and you get YYY as a gift.


    Create accessory lists per product with related products or accessories for display on the product page or at checkout.


    In addition to regular campaigns, you can also have clearance of products.

    Customers also bought

    Feature to display products that have been sold in combination with the product shown.

    Selling at checkout

    Present related products or accessories and create additional sales at checkout .

    Toplists for product groups

    Display which products in category that are most popular.

    Product recommendations at checkout

    Stacked prices (quantity discounts)

    Feature for managing price steps and stacked prices in an unlimited number of levels.

    Buy X get Y-campaigns

    Buy X and get Y for free allows you to create a campaign of the type Buy 3 pay for 2.

    My favorites

    Feature on the product page to let logged in customers mark a product as a favorite.

    Facebook Dynamic Ads

    Support for creating product catalogs on Facebook.

    Google Shopping

    Export of price file to Google Shopping.

    Gift card

    The gift card feature makes it possible to sell gift cards, both for digital delivery via e-mail and for printing on paper.

    Askås Store Collect Manager

    Module for managing Click & Collect flow. Let the customer choose a store for delivery at the Checkout and manage the flow in Askås.

    Integration with CDON Marketplace 

    The connection between Askås and CDON Marketplace lets you upload products directly from WebbAdmin.

    Integration with Tradera 

    Askås offers a well-developed integration for sales via Tradera. NOTE. Only sales of used products.

    Askås Marketplace 

    AMP - Askås Marketplace - complete functionality for starting, running and managing a marketplace with Askås as a basis.

    Askås Leads 

    Askås Leads gives you the opportunity to collect your visitors' e-mail addresses via a popup.

    Support for measuring pixels

    Support for measuring pixels via e.g. AdForm, Adrecord, AdTraction, Affiliator,, Google Ads, Pricerunner, Prisjakt, Tradedoubler, Webgains, WebTraffic, WordOn, Zanox.

    Upsales - additional sales

    Converting feature to present related products in a popup when the customer places a product in the shopping cart.

  • WMS and Logistics

    Shipping price calculations

    Dynamic shipping classes

    Inventory balance management

    Inventory statistics

    Manual export of customer/order data to nShift (Unifaun)

    Remaining amount to free shipping

    Feature that shows how much is left until the customers gets free shipping. It is also possible to suggest products that gets the order to reach the free shipping limit.

    Parcel tracking

    Printing of delivery note

    Partial delivery

    Feature for partial deliveries to customers. Askås system is updated with the current number of partially delivered products and the customer can be notified of this automatically.

    Multiple warehouses

    Enables several different warehouse locations, in addition to main warehouses. For example, one main warehouse and two secondary warehouses.

    Askås Store Locator 

    A feature that suits companies with their own physical stores or retailers. Customers can locate where a product or product group is sold in their area.

    Integration with Pacsoft Online

    Tagging of shipping method

    Optional delivery point

    Offer your customers even better service by letting them choose where they want to pick up their packages.

    Ordering points

    Ordering points at product level. When the order point is reached, an email to the supplier or internal recipient can be sent.

  • Business to Business

    Connect customer to salesperson

    Connect a customer to a specific salesperson. The seller can log in and get an overview of their customers. View and copy order lines to shopping cart. Correct quantity, add products and finalize a purchase.

    Supplier order placement

    The feature allows external systems to automatically create orders, either via API or file-based.

    Multiple users per customer account

    Possibility to create several users with separate logins on the same customer account.

    Customer-specific prices

    Module for managing customer-unique prices at product level.

    Quote tool

    Quote management feature. Create, send and receive quotes directly via Askås.

    Support for certification

    Built-in feature for certification. Several users may have the opportunity to place orders, but these must be certified by a qualified person.

  • Global e-commerce

    Support for several currencies

    Custom prices in other currencies

    Support for different VAT rates

    Different shipping methods in different countries


    English (Multi Market Manager)

    Norwegian (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN..

    Danish (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Finish (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    French (Multi Market Manager)

    MPremium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Italian (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Dutch (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Portugeese (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Spanish (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    German (Multi Market Manager)

    Premium includes two optional Latin languages ​​in addition to SV and EN.

    Support for multiple domains (multishop)

    Support for global character set

    Askås supports the character coding UTF-8 which provides the opportunity for country-specific sites in all languages ​​of the world.

    Polisch (Multi Market Manager)

    Czech (Multi Market Manager)

    Slovak (Multi Market Manager)

    Support for additional language versions

    Askås supports all languages. If it is not available as a standardized translation, please contact us for a discussion about your needs.

  • Integrations to ERP


    Template-based and open import/export of various file formats, e.g. CSV and XML with ready-made formats for different systems.



    Microsoft Business Central


    Microsoft Dynamics 365


    Microsoft Dynamics AX


    Microsoft Dynamics NAV






    Visma Administration


    Visma Business


    Visma Global


    E-conomic via Sharespine


    Fortnox via Sharespine

    Mamut via Sharespine

    Specter Business Management (SBM)

    Visma Administration 500 - 2000 via Sharespine

  • Payments - startup costs can apply
  • Google - Facebook

    Google Analytics 

    Basic tool for tracking, studying and drawing conclusions from visitor traffic in your webshop.

    Google enhanced e-commerce

    A tool that provides the opportunity to get sharper and more in-depth statistics from Google.

    Google Ads 

    Google Ads gives e-merchants the opportunity to reach customers based on a specific budget with different types of messages.

    Google Dynamic Ads 

    Dynamic Google ads use the content of a site to target ads and find potential customers.

    Google Shopping 

    Google Shopping can be described as Google Ads with images. In Askås you can map your product groups to Google's categories.

    Facebook Dynamic Ads 

    Dynamic ads and remarketing on Facebook.

    S2S - Event Tracking Module 

    Collect and queue events locally before transferring them to another system, such as Facebook Conversion API.

  • Document and data management

    Askås Cookie Manager

    For inventory and setup of measurement pixels, we offer an additional service at cost.

    Autogeneration of metadata

    In Askås there is a feature that automatically generates search engine data (title, keywords and description) for all your products.


    Askås contains powerful features for importing/updating products, product groups , prices, images, metadata and much more.


    The export feature gives you the opportunity to extract all possible information from the system.

    Built-in PDF generator

  • Database


  • Integrations - other

    API - integrations via API

    Support for integrating with Askås frontend via API:s.

    Apsis - integration module

    Loop54 - integration module

  • Askås Product Engine

    Automatic load balancing when multiple servers are used

    Free-standing API:s directly to the server cluster

    Free-standing databases/indexes configurable per market

    Full data exports when needed

    Incremental data exports

    Configurable standalone data export

    Self-learning features for popularity and use

    Scalability and redundancy through clustered servers

  • Hosting includes (can be updated)

    Storage space

    1 GB
    1 GB
    5 GB
    5 GB

    Transfer quantity/month

    5 GB
    5 GB
    20 GB
    20 GB

    Own domain possible

    Domain registrations

  • Pris

Löpande kostnad per månad (från)

2 195 kr
5 995 kr
9 995 kr
22 995 kr

Funktionsöversikt och priser för Askås e-handelslösning


Grundläggande service

Dagliga backuper           
FAQ och hjälpsystem          
Fria programuppdateringar (Versionhistorik
Support - Mån-fre 08.00 - 17.00 Läs mer
Krypterad lösenordsdatabas        
FTP-access till relevant information        
GDPR-kompatibel plattform        
Headless-kompatibel plattform        
Dygnet-runt-jour direkt (SLA) 
SSL-certifikat Läs mer 


Flera användarenivåer/behörighetsmatris          
Webbaserade administrationsverktyg          
Statistik och rapporter         
Import och export          
Anpassningsbara mallbaserade utskrifter         


Dynamiska produktbeskrivningar för variantartiklar          
Ikonbilder för variantartiklar         
Listor för mest sålda produkter 
Livesökfunktion med relevanssorterade resultat         
Obegränsat antal produkter 
Obegränsat antal produktkategorier och varumärken
Olika klasser för gods- och fraktmetoder
Produktvyer med fält för text, bilder, filer med mera
Schemalagd publicering
Import och export
Valfri sortering av artiklar per grupp
WYSIWYG-editor för produktpresentation
Önskelista/Mina favoriter          
Betyg/omdömen/recensioner per artikel
SET-artiklar (paketartiklar)
Stafflade priser (mängdrabatter)
Askås Recommendation Manager (ARM)        
Digitala produkter
Koppla blogginlägg till produkter        


Automatisk leverantörsorderläggning          
Orderbekräftelse med utskriftsfunktion        
Skapa orderrapport        
Snabborderformulär i butik/webbadmin        
Sök och visa order, se orderhistorik och statistik        
RMS Plus - Retur och reklamationshantering          
RMS Avancerad - Retur och reklamationshantering          


Hantering av (B2B) och (B2C) i samma system        
Kundprofil med "Min sida"        
Möjlighet att begränsa tillgång för viss kund eller kundgrupp        
Obegränsat antal kunder        
Import och export
Rabatter/rabattgrupper för kunder        
Lojalitetsprogram - Askås CLM Läs mer        


Integrerad med kampanjmoduler        
Rabatt- och merförsäljningsfunktioner i kassan        

Webbdesign/CMS Läs mer

HTML-mallar som lätt kan ändras        
Möjlighet till unik visuell profil utöver mall        
Webbsidor / informationssidor / CMS        
WYSIWYG-editor för webbsidor        
Headless - Frontend via externa CMS
Tidsstyrning av kampanjer och content - DCM Läs mer 


Automatisk skalning/optimering av bilder
Ladda upp flera produktbilder samtidigt        
Stöd för WebP        
Magic Zoom Plus (zoomverktyg)        

Sökoptimering Läs mer

Dynamiska Permalänkar (URL-Motor)
Inbyggd exportfunktion för Google Sitemap
Metadata för produkter, bilder och webbsidor        
Stöd för brödsmulelänkar
Stöd för canonical
Stöd för microdata          
Sökmotorvänliga sökvägar (Friendly URLs)

Askås Marketing Automation Läs mer

Automatiserade utskick  
Abandoned Cart 
Flexibel prissättning  

Marknadsföring och kampanjer

Askås Tag Manager - inbyggt tag- och mätpixelhanteringssystem        
Export av sidkarta till Google Sitemap          
Integrerat stöd för mätning och försäljning via affiliates        
Stöd för export till prisagenter  
Merförsäljning: Tillbehör
Merförsäljning: Andra som köpt har också köpt...
Merförsäljning: Fynda i kassakön
Merförsäljning: Topplistor för artikelgrupper
Produktrekommendationer i kassan
Stafflade priser (mängdrabatter)  
Tag X betala för Y-kampanjer  
Önskelista/Mina favoriter
Facebook Dynamic Ads  
Google Shopping  
Click & Collect-modul - Askås Store Collect Manager  
Integration med CDON Marketplace
Integration med Elib
Integration med Tradera  
Askås Marketplace
Samla e-postadresser - Askås Leads Läs mer  
Stöd för mätpixlar/affiliates 
Upsales - extra merförsäljningsfunktionalitet  

Lager och frakt

Anpassade fraktprisuträkningar
Dynamiska fraktklasser
Manuell export av kund-/orderdata till Pacsoft/Unifaun
Produktrekommendationer för fraktfritt i kassan
Spårning av paket
Utskrift av följesedel
Delleverans - Delfakturering  
Hitta Butik-modul - Askås Store Locator
Instabox Pre-Booking Läs mer
Integration med Budbee Läs mer
Integration med Airmee Läs mer
Integration med BEST Läs mer
Integration med Klarna Shipping Assistant via Klarna Checkout Läs mer
Integration med Pacsoft Online
Integration med Unifaun Online Läs mer
Taggning av fraktsätt
Valfritt utlämningsställe - Postnord/DHL/Bring/Schenker Läs mer    
Valfritt utlämningsställe - UPS

B2B-specifika funktioner Läs mer

Koppla kund till säljare 
Multipla användare per kundkonto
Kundspecifika priser/kataloger  
Offertverktyg - skapa, skicka och få accept på offert
Stöd för attestering

Internationell e-handel Läs mer

Stöd för flera valutor
Stöd för egendefinerade priser i andra valutor
Stöd för hantering av olika momssatser
Stöd för hantering av olika fraktmetoder i olika länder
Stöd för svensk språkversion
Stöd för engelsk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för norsk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för dansk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för finsk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för fransk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för italiensk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för nederländsk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för portugisisk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för spansk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för tysk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för flera domäner (multishop)
Stöd för global teckenuppsättning  
Stöd för polsk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för tjeckisk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för slovakisk språkversion (Multi Market Manager)
Stöd för ytterligare språkversioner (mot separat offert)   Offert Offert Offert Offert

Integrationer med affärssystem Läs mer

Stöd för import/export av olika filformat  
Garp Offert Offert Offert Offert
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offert Offert Offert Offert
Microsoft Dynamics AX Offert Offert Offert Offert
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Offert Offert Offert Offert
Movex Offert Offert Offert Offert
Pyramid Offert Offert Offert Offert
Visma Administration Offert Offert Offert Offert
Visma Business Offert Offert Offert Offert
Visma Global Offert Offert Offert Offert
E-conomic via Sharespine
Fortnox via Sharespine
Mamut via Sharespine
Specter Business Management (SBM)
Visma Administration 500 - 2000 via Sharespine

Betalningar - startkostnader kan tillkomma

Arvato Afterpay - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Billmate - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Collector Checkout
Ecster - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Ecster Pay (Checkout) Läs mer
Klarna - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Klarna Checkout (KCO) Läs mer
Kreditkontroll via Bisnode Läs mer
Kreditkontroll via Creditsafe
Maksuturva - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Nets - Kort- och bankbetalning Läs mer
Nets Easy (Checkout)
PayEx - Kort- och bankbetalning Läs mer
PayPal - Kort- och bankbetalning Läs mer
Payson - Kort- och bankbetalning Läs mer
Qliro - Faktura- och delbetalningar
Qliro One (Checkout)
Resurs Bank - Faktura- och delbetalningar
Resurs Checkout
Svea Checkout
Svea Webpay - Faktura- och delbetalningar Läs mer
Trustly - Bankbetalning Läs mer
Betalning via Swish Läs mer
Taggning av betalsätt

Responsiv e-handel

Askås e-handelsplattform levereras med full responsivitet i alla versioner.

Social e-handel

Facebook Connect
Facebook - Dela efter köp
Facebook - Dela i kassan (kräver Facebook Connect)

Statistik och analys - startkostnader kan tillkomma

Avancerad klickstatistik
Google Analytics
Inbyggd klick- och försäljningsstatistik med möjlighet till segmentering
Utökad statistik

Dokument- och datahantering

Askås Cookie Manager Läs mer        
Autogenerering av metadata
Inbyggd PDF-generator



Integrationer övriga

API - integrationer via API
Sitoo - integrationsmodul Läs mer
Voyado - integrationsmodul Läs mer
Apsis - integrationsmodul
Loop54 - integrationsmodul
Nosto - integrationsmodul

Askås Product Engine

Askås Product Engine Läs mer
Automatisk lastbalansering mellan servernoder när flera servrar används
Fristående API:er direkt mot serverklustret
Fristående databaser/index konfigurerbara per marknad
Fullständiga dataexporter vid behov
Inkrementella dataexporter
Konfigurerbar fristående dataexport
Självlärande funktioner för popularitet och använding
Skalbarhet och redundans genom klustrade fristående servrar
Snabba och intelligenta söksvar i artikelgrupper
Snabba och intelligenta söksvar i filtreringsvyer

Hosting inkluderat (kan uppdateras vid behov)

Lagringsplats 1 Gb 1 Gb 5 Gb 5 Gb
Överföringsmängd/mån 5 Gb 5 Gb 20 Gb 20 Gb
Egen domän möjlig


Löpande kostnad (från) 1 995 kr/mån 4 495 kr/mån 8 995 kr/mån 20 995 kr/mån
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