Multi Market Manager

With Askås Multi Market Manager you can reach customers on a global market regardless of location and language.
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Global expansion and growth with Askås

With Multi Market Manager (MMM) you can open your store for new markets and new languages. MMM currently have support for 14 different languages, and you choose which and how many ​​should be available in your e-commerce.

Expansion into new markets has become an increasingly viable and functional way of achieving growth for e-merchants. Askås has long focused on making it easier for existing and future customers who want to reach consumers in the rest of Scandinavia, Europe or on a completely global market.

Askås is a platform that is prepared for all the world's languages. This means that you have opportunities to reach consumers all over the world with country-specific sites.

Pros with Multi Market Manager

VERSATILE. Display varying product assortments for specific markets and languages.

SIMPLE. Automatic price calculation based on exchange rate and support for fixed alternative price lists.

FLEXIBLE. Alternative payment methods, shipping methods and shipping prices per market.

  • More information
    Translations of your webshop are avalialbe in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech and Slovak. (More languages ​​are added continuously)
  • Costs

    Contat Askås for detailed prices, more info and ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

Sites that use Multi Market Manager

Care of Carl

Fashion & Accessories




Diet & Health

Pen Store

Arts & Crafts

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