We solve operations, you focus on e-commerce

As an e-retailer and customer of Askås, you get all the opportunities to focus on what is closest to your core business. To nurture the relationship with your end customers, work with marketing and sell your products. Askås, together with our partner GleSYS takes care of operations and hosting so you don’t have to.

We deliver market-leading solutions and the cost of course includes continuous updates, maintenance and monitoring.

Our servers are optimized for Askås e-commerce platform and they are located in a server hall with redundant connections and monitoring 24/7.

Affordable performance

Askås offers cost-effective solutions that already in their basic design deliver high performance and stable operations.

Dedicated servers

Are you an e-retailer with extra high demands when it comes to operations? Then we offer dedicated servers that provide security that your solution really performs in all situations - even when the site traffic is at its highest.

Scalability with VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Cloud-based virtual servers provide flexibility and high performance with SSD storage. Opportunity to scale up at temporary sales peaks.

File storage

If you need extra storage capacity, we offer external file storage. Easily connect file storage volumes of up to 16 TiB to your server solution.

Other services

Askås Operations takes full responsibility for your servers through system management or Managed Hosting. Monitoring, updating and continuous maintenance are included.

We offer a variety of services that add performance and security to the server solution you have chosen.

Load balancing. Smooth distribution of different types of traffic between several different servers.

SLA - Service Level Agreement. Security and accessibility. Reach our emergency staff by phone and email around the clock 365 days a year.

Domain registration


Annual fee: SEK 195
Installation fee: SEK 195


Annual fee: SEK 295
Installation fee: SEK 195

.NU address is always registered in periods of two years.

Choose the right setup

Askås Operations gives you the solutions that suit you. No matter what your needs and wishes are.