Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides greatly increased security and significantly reduces the risks of intrusion.
Two-Factor Authentication in the group Features at Askås I&R AB (askas_0034)

2FA for safety and increased security

Logging into WebAdmin with two-factor authentication

Basic security work is carried out continuously in Askås’ e-commerce platform. A concrete addition in Askås 11 is the possibility of two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in to WebAdmin.

Two-factor authentication means that you need to enter a one-time code in addition to your usual login details to log in. This provides greatly increased security and significantly reduces the risks of intrusion.

Pros with Askås 2FA

SAFE. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security. In addition to standard login credentials, a one-time password is required when 2FA is enabled.

SIMPLE. When activating 2FA, you can either scan a QR code with the mobile phone and generate a password in the mobile phone. You can also copy a code and manually create one-time passwords in your browser.

EASY. In Askås’ Authorization module, an overall administrator can get an overview of all users and who have activated 2FA.
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    What is two-factor authentication?

    Two-factor authentication is an extra layer to the login process in Askås WebbAdmin. This provides greater security as the user account cannot be accessed even if someone unauthorized were to gain access to your usual login details. With 2FA activated, it is no longer possible to log in with just a username and password.

    How is my one-time code generated?

    In order to generate one-time codes, you need to use some kind of app or software that can handle two-factor authentication. Google Authenticator and Authy are two examples of standalone apps. iOS has a built-in password management as of iOS 15. You can also manually copy a code in Askås' 2FA feature and generate passwords in a password manager in your browser. Dashlane, Bitwarden and RoboForm are some examples of password managers.

    What if I need to reset my account?

    If for some reason you don't have access to the one-time code required when logging in, you may have lost your mobile phone where the codes are generated. Then you need to contact Askås' support department and state the reset code that you get access to when activating 2FA.
  • Costs

    Logging into Askås WebAdmin with two-factor authentication is included at no extra cost in all versions of Askås e-commerce platform.

    Contact Askås for more info: or +46 533 69 16 00

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