Internal Information Search

Functionality to search and compare information divided into different languages.

Internal Information Search in the group Features at Askås I&R AB (askas_0038)

Search, compare, and manage your product information

Askås Information Manager includes a useful and time-saving internal search function for different types of information. You can easily search and compare data for articles, article groups, and brands divided into different languages.

The search function allows you to quickly locate missing information types in your store and take action. You can preview your search and then export the results of a comprehensive search to a CSV file.

Benefits of Internal Information Search

EASY. Directly in Askås WebbAdmin, you can search for different types of information and add, update, or delete information.

POWERFUL. Ability to make precise selections and comparisons at the field level between different languages.

FLEXIBLE. Good opportunities to search for information based on specific criteria such as specific brands, stock, or markets.

  • More information

    Askås Information Manager

    AIM, Askås Information Manager, includes integrated and new technology for managing various types of information. AIM is a comprehensive package of features related to content, information, texts, and especially automated translations.

    In addition to the Internal Information Search, the following features are included:

    Askås Translation API
    An area that is extremely important but often time-consuming is working with texts, content, and translations. With AIM and the integrated features to order translations of information and texts directly in the platform, we have created something completely new that simplifies the everyday life of all e-commerce businesses.

    Dynamic Change Log
    The change log is an automated version history and log that records changes in various types of information fields for articles, article groups, and brands. The change log provides a clear overview and traceability of performed changes.

    Copy Product Information
    A fast and convenient function to copy information from one product to one or more products. You select which product/article you want to retrieve information from and specify the type of information. It can include product descriptions, images, brand, article group, and much more.

  • Costs
    Internal Information Search is a fundamental functionality in all versions of Askås e-commerce platform as part of Askås Information Manager.

    For more information, please contact Askås at or 0533-69 16 00.