Askås and cookies

Askås and cookies

To give you as a visitor a good experience on, we use cookies. These are partly necessary cookies for the basic functionality of the website, but also cookies for better performance, personalization, functionality and more.

For the greatest possible retention of the website, we recommend that you accept all types of cookies. However, it is you who decides and you can choose to customize your cookie settings as you wish.

If you have previously made choices regarding cookies that you now want to review and perhaps change, this is easy. Click the button below to open the cookie function and select the settings you want to use for the website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a browser requests to be saved on the device that the user has, desktop, tablet and or mobile.

Regarding time, there are two different types of cookies. A time-limited cookie has an expiration date and is stored on the user's device for a certain time. Once the date has passed, the text file/cookie is deleted and then re-created when the user returns to the website.

A so-called session cookie has no expiration date. It is temporarily saved on the user's device and is automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Wich cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies do not store information that can be linked to you as a person and they are not possible to turn off. They only store information about various actions you as a visitor take and are used for the basic functionality of the website. If these cookies are blocked through settings in the browser, certain parts of will not work as intended.
Marketing cookies are used to display ads on other websites. Information collected via these cookies creates an interest profile that forms the basis for relevant advertising to you. Without these cookies, advertisements displayed when you visit other websites will not be personalized to the same extent.
Statistics cookies are used to collect information about how our website is used. All information generated via these cookies is comprehensive and anonymized.

Cookie settings in the browser

Via your browser, you have the opportunity to change your cookie settings and how and which cookies are to be saved.

By changing the browser's settings, you can delete placed cookies from your browser. Many browsers also have a default setting that automatically accepts the use of cookies. You can choose to change your settings in the browser so that all cookies are turned off and no cookies are stored.

The exception is cookies that are necessary for us to be able to provide a service that you as a user have requested, or for the website to work. If you block all cookies in your browser, certain parts of will not work as intended.

Information on how to turn off cookies in the most common browsers can be found here:

Data protection representative

If you have questions regarding the handling of your data, contact our data protection representative, who is your representative at Askås. You can reach this function at the e-mail address