Askås e-commerce platform

Get an insight into Askås´ e-commerce platform used by several of Sweden's leading e-retailers. During the demo we will, among other things, cover the different parts of the platform and features that are included. Book your demo today and discover how Askås 12 can support, develop and scale your business.

Choose the right e-commerce platform

Stability and competence combined with 27 years of solution-oriented thinking. When you choose Askås, you will be set up for scalable growth in the short and long term. Askås e-commerce platform is developed by us and delivered as SAAS (Software As A Service).

We take care of the technology, features and integrations. You focus on your products, your sales and your customers.

27 years
of experience
6 billion SEK
in customer revenue
free versions annually

Features and e-commerce solutions

With Askås e-commerce platform, you get access to broad functionality in a variety of areas. Work with effective campaigns, nurture your customer relationships and build websites with drag and drop in Askås Content Editor. Multi Market Manager provides excellent opportunities for global e-commerce and Askås Information Manager includes functionality for information management and translations.

Askås Translation Service

Integrated functionality to order translations of information and texts through Askås Translation Service.

Askås Cross Selling

Askås Cross Selling gives you the opportunity to offer relevant accessories that customers need. Good conversion ...

Askås Enterprise Search

Askås Enterprise Search is a smart search function for high conversion.

Askås Server Side Tracking

S2S - event tracking solution with support for Facebook Conversion API.

Merchants who chose Askås

Care of Carl

Magnus Dahlén, E-commerce Specialist

"We are very pleased with Askås and we work closely with their developers and project managers. The quality is always high, which we appreciate as much of our heritage is about good quality."

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CAIA Cosmetics

Mikael Snabb, Co-founder

"We have a fantastic collaboration with Askås and we feel that we can trust that the site will last even under high load. Should there be any problems, we always get help quickly and efficiently."

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Jacob Bay, COO

"We needed a supplier that had the expertise and the right capabilities for global trade. Askås takes great responsibility and as a customer you get a lot for your money and control over costs."

Visit Max Gaming

Haupt Lakrits

Christian Haupt, Founder

"There were several reasons why we chose Askås. Firstly, that they can deliver in terms of features and performance. But just as important is that everyone is so nice and that you feel well received."

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Furry Family

August Gori, Sales Manager

"It's incredibly important to have a supplier we can trust and Askås is a super important partner for us. They are always available and we feel very confident that the site works."

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Mårten Åkeson, CEO

"The customer experience is number one for us and with Askås we are confident that we have a site that delivers at the top. The best thing about Askås is their passion and commitment to their customers."

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Reach customers all over the world.

Multi Market Manager

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E-commerce from Askås. Since 1997.

Since 1997, Askås has developed what is today one of the market's most well-regarded platforms for e-commerce. By combining strategy, knowledge and design with a world-class system, we offer a complete solution with excellent possibilities for conversion and long-term success.

Today we have 60 employees with experience and competence in-house. Skilled back-end developers, creative front-end developers, driven project managers, knowledgeable support technicians and trustworthy e-commerce advisors. Everyone in our staff are based in our offices in Värmland - in the middle of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Feel free to contact us for an exciting conversation about your e-commerce case!