Askås Translation Service

Integrated functionality to order translations of information and texts through Askås Translation Service.
Askås Translation Service in the group Features at Askås I&R AB (askas_0036)

Automated Translations via Askås Translation Service

An area that is immensely important but often time-consuming is working with texts, content, and translations. With AIM and the integrated functionality to order translations of information and texts directly within the platform, we have created something entirely new that simplifies the daily lives of all e-retailers.

From the WebbAdmin interface, you can directly order translation jobs for texts and other information. The translation jobs are added to a translation queue that automatically or after manual handling sends the jobs for translation.

Benefits of Translation Service

INTEGRATED. You can continuously work with translations of information and texts directly in Askås WebbAdmin. A new integrated workflow.

VERSATILE. The translation functionality is part of Askås Information Manager with tools that log changes and identify the need for new translations.

FLEXIBLE. You can let the functionality handle translations with different levels of automation. Ordered translations can be sent immediately or after a specified time.

  • More information

    Askås Information Manager

    AIM, Askås Information Manager, includes integrated and new technology for managing various types of information. AIM is a comprehensive package of features related to content, information, texts, and, most importantly, automated translations.

    In addition to Translation Service, the following features are included:

    Internal Information Search
    A feature to search and compare information across different languages. You can quickly identify missing information and take necessary actions. You can make changes directly within the feature, and there is also an option to export a CSV file that you can supplement, modify, and correct before importing the information back into the system.

    Dynamic Change Log
    The change log is an automated version history and log that records changes to various types of information fields for articles, article groups, and brands. The change log provides a clear overview and traceability of performed changes.

    Copy Product Information
    A fast and convenient function to copy information from one product to one or multiple products. You select the product/article from which you want to retrieve information and specify the type of information. It can include product descriptions, images, brand, article group, and much more.

  • Costs

    Askås Translation Service is a fundamental functionality in all versions of Askås e-commerce platform as part of Askås Information Manager.

    Costs for performed translations apply. The current cost is 0,01 SEK per character based on the language of translation. To ensure the translated text is returned accurately and identical to the original text, the entire HTML code is sent to DeepL. Even invisible characters such as spaces are counted.

    For example, based on 0,01 SEK per character, a translation of all text, including underlying HTML, in this information box would cost 12.55 SEK, which is approximately 0,1 SEK per word.

    NOTE: The minimum amount charged when using the translation service is 59 SEK per month, regardless of whether the performed translations reach 59 SEK or not.

    For more information, please contact Askås at or 0533-69 16 00.

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Function that records changes in various types of information fields for articles, article groups, and brands.

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