Askås Store Locator

Let your customers locate stores and resellers where your products are sold.
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Guide your customers
with Askås Store Locator

Connect stores and resellers to your e-commerce

Askås module Store Locator is the perfect feature for companies with their own physical stores or resellers. It gives your customers the opportunity to locate where a product or product group are sold in their vicinity.

The feature have support for adding resellers/stores and based on address retrieve GPS coordinates automatically.

The customer in your e-commerce can then via postcodes find stores in their geographical vicinity and filter based on who sells certain product groups or specific products.

Pros with Askås Store Locator

SIMPLE. General Store Locator page where customers can search for retailers via postcode/city.

VERSATILE. Connect retailers/stores to specific product groups, products and brands.

USER FRIENDLY. Presentation of resellers/stores via Google Maps.

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