What is good design?

For us at Askås, good design is more than anything else about conveying a positive feeling and to capture the visitors' interest. The design should elevate your identity and quickly create a link to your site and your products. A positive first impression is step 1 towards conversion and a new customer relationship.

The design team at Askås loves their work and all the exciting projects that our customers offer. Our key words are creativity and results. Design is a creative process and at Askås, we are not afraid to push the envelope.

At the same time, we’re also focused on results - our design work will lead to improved UX and lay the foundation for a positive growth and development for your businesses.
 Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can realize your ideas!

Four paths to successful design

We have experience, competence and creativity to create frontend design that are adapted to your wishes and future needs. Our e-commerce platform also gives you the opportunity to choose one of several paths that all lead to a successful end result.

Do you want us to take care of everything - from idea to reality? Or are you looking for a headless solution via Askås API? Everything is possible.

  • Headless via API
    Build your frontend in external systems. If you have knowledge, you can work with frontend-design yourself. 

    A number of successful customers of Askås apply their own frontend design. It is possible to use frameworks such as React, Vue or similar and implement the design using Askås API.
  • Template based design
    Low cost and quick implementation. For those of you who want to get up and running in a hurry, we offer a number of tastefully designed templates.

    The templates are efficient, converting and modern.
  • Design sketches
    Deliver your own sketches. Our frontend developers have extensive experience of implementing design sketches to finished frontend design.

    When our clients themselves or via an external agency submit sketches, we are happy to be involved as an advisor at an early stage.
  • Custom design
    We make your visions come true. One of our experienced designers creates and implements the design in dialogue with you as a customer.

    Of course based on your wishes, your visual profile and corporate identity.

Askås Content Editor

Flexible web design with drag and drop

Being able to adjust design and content is something that more and more e-retailers value.

Askås Content Editor is a new feature in Askås 10. The tool provides fantastic opportunities to design webpages, newsletters, blogposts and more. Simple drag and drop feature and the possibility of applying time limits of content via Askås DCM.