Freight and Logistics

Askås has versatile features and integrations to leading partners in shipping and logistics.
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Askås gives you control
over your deliveries

With Askås as a supplier, you get access to an e-commerce platform with powerful and versatile functionality regarding freight and logistics. We also have connections to leading external logistics partners and services.

The latest version of our platform lets you to create shipping classes based on a variety of parameters such as price, weight and dimensions. You then connect the shipping methods you want to offer customers to the shipping classes. Smooth and easy.

Askås offers integrations to all leading logistics companies and you choose which ones you want to use. Are your customers content with simple but stable delivery options? Do you want to be able to offer freedom of choice and fast deliveries on the same day? Do you want to be able to deliver to customers all over the world?

Askås e-commerce platform provides excellent opportunities to create a set of shipping classes and methods that suit your business. Shipping classes are used to divide individual products and customers' shopping carts into different categories.

Based on weight, dimensions and/or price, products are placed in a specific shipping class. For each individual shipping class, the shipping methods you want to offer customers at checkout are linked. It will thus be possible to charge differently for the same shipping method depending on which shipping class the shopping cart ends up in.

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    Working with free shipping

    If you want to work with offers for free shipping, you can of course do this. This offer can be controlled so that it applies from a certain order value, and also different levels based on the customer's Country, Price List, Customer Category and Domain. You can also choose to exclude certain shipping methods completely from the offer of free shipping.

    A useful feature is Left to free shipping which calculates and presents to the customers how much money remains for free shipping. The feature can suggest suitable products that enable the order to reach the free shipping limit.

    Flexible functionality

    Work with your deliveries based on: Weight, volume and price group - Postal code, language and currency - Customer's Price List and Customer Category - Site domain (for multishop) - Hide selected shipping methods on selected dates/times

    Optional delivery point

    Now you can offer your customers even better service by letting them choose where they want to pick up their packages. The feature works together with Swedish as well as international shipping companies and you can thus give the service to end customers in a large part of the world's most important markets.

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    Works with the following suppliers: Postnord, DHL, Schenker, Bring, Posti, UPS

    Order connection to Unifaun

    Unifaun Online sends order information directly from your web shop to Unifaun or Pacsoft. The transport companies can then, among other things, receive advance information about package pick-ups and you can print labels and more.

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  • Costs
    Askås e-commerce platform has built-in features regarding freight and logistics that is included in all licenses.

    In addition to the basic functionality, there are more specific features, such as Optional delivery point, which entails extra costs.

    Using our integrations with external logistics partners, Budbee, Airmee and Instabox and more, also entails costs in addition to the basic license fees.

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Optional delivery point

Offer even better service by letting customers choose where they want to pick up their packages.

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