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Good knowledge of the e-commerce platform and all the tools it contains gives you the optimal conditions to become a successful e-commerce player in your industry. Whether you are a new or existing customer of Askås, you have all the opportunities to undergo training in Askås' e-commerce system.

Basic education for everyone

As a new customer of Askås, you will undergo basic training in our e-commerce platform. You will learn the sequence of steps to follow in your e-commerce project to minimize duplicate work and cumbersome management of your online store in the future.

We will cover different types of products, how to add them, and the settings that need to be configured at the product level for your e-commerce to function optimally.

The basic training also includes a walkthrough of import/export, CRM, CMS with Askås Content Editor, and much more.

In-Depth and Customized educations

Askås can provide various training sessions tailored to your preferences, allowing you to deepen your knowledge. Learn more about our platform's different features, including campaigns, customer communication, import/export, shipping, and logistics – your needs and preferences guide the way. Contact us, and we will create a suitable training program for you.

Below, you'll find examples of features and areas where we can offer in-depth training.

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Learn how to manage GA4

Tips and information on how to use GA4 in your business.

Basic introduction
Event-based tracking
Custom events
Analyze flows

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Customer Relationships

Learn to use Askås Marketing Automation to the fullest.

Basic introduction
Create mailings
Selections and target groups
Perform analyses

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Work Efficiently with Freight

Learn to use Askås built-in functionality for freight and logistics.

Basic handling
Free shipping thresholds
Fee intervals
Dynamic shipping methods
Optional pickup location

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PIM and Translations

Take control of AIM, our built-in information management tool.

Direct translations
Translations via import
Dynamic change log
Copy product information
Internal information search


Normally, the courses are held at Askås, in our premises in Säffle or Karlstad.
Of course, we can also come to your location if desired, or we can conduct a shorter training session over the phone or online.

Features ni Askås e-commerce platform

Askås Marketing Automation

Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.

Askås Content Editor

Powerful and flexible drag and drop feature for building front pages, landing pages and newsletters.

Campaign Module

In the campaign module, you manage everything related to campaigns in an efficient and flexible way.

Freight and Logistics

Askås has versatile features and integrations to leading partners in shipping and logistics.

Askås Marketplace

Askås Marketplace is our own digital markeplace based on Askås e-commerce platform. Marketplace

Askås Tag Manager

Askås Tag Manager is an integrated admin tool for managing tags and pixels.

Return Management System

Askås Return Management System is an integrated and powerful return portal that is available in two different ver...

Askås Product Engine

Lightning fast product listing, filtering and search functionanlity. A part of Askås Enterprise.

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