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PayPal – reach 220 million customers

With a market of 190 countries and 220 million accounts worldwide, PayPal is one of the world's largest online payment systems. With PayPal you can receive debit and credit card payments as well as payments sent through PayPal accounts.

What payments can I receive with PayPal?

You can receive payment via more than 20 international payment methods. Buyers are offered to trade with local funds such as Discover, JCB, Switch and Solo, but of course also with Mastercard, Visa, American Express and through PayPal accounts.

How do I set up a PayPal payment solution?

You set up an account with PayPal. The payment solution gives you the opportunity to receive card payments in your online store, as PayPal transfers the money from the customer's credit card to your bank account.

What does a PayPal payment solution cost?

No set-up fee or monthly fee. Only a transaction fee of between 1.9% -3.4% and SEK 3.25 will be added per transaction - see for current prices.

Wich currencies are supported?

In addition to SEK (Swedish kronor) the following currencies are supported. EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, NOK, CHF, PLN, HUF, CZK, CAD, AUD, NZD, ILS, JPY, CNY, HKD, SGD, MYR, PHP, TWD, THB, MXN and BRL.

No, you do not need any further agreements with your bank or other providers.

How fast can I get started with PayPal?

With PayPal you get started with card payment in your online store within a few hours. You verify yourself by linking a bank account to your PayPal account and prove your identity and address with documents that you upload to your PayPal account.