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Additional sales with Askås and CDON Marketplace

Sell your products on CDON Marketplace and reach millions of customers. You can sell throughout the Nordic region or in a selected country. The integration between Askås and CDON Marketplace means that you can quickly and easily upload products you want to sell directly from WebbAdmin.

With Askås' connection to CDON Marketplace, you can easily export products and customers can buy your products just as if it were a normal purchase from CDON. The order is exported to Askås system where you process it as usual.

Payment for the order takes place at CDON, which then transfers the money to your account. Once a product has been sold at CDON Marketplace, the balance is counted down in the store, and continuous syncing takes place between Askås and CDON. Should you update product names, product texts or product images, the changes will be synced to CDON Marketplace automatically.

The products that have been exported to CDON Marketplace are listed in WebAdmin. Of course, you can also unpublishe products on CDON Marketplace via Webbadmin. In the CDON Marketplace settings in WebbAdmin you can set which order status orders from CDON Marketplace should receive when they are transferred, and also which shipping and notification method to use.

Pros with CDON Marketplace

FLEXIBLE. Integration between Askås and CDON Marketplace provides opportunities to specify directly in WebbAdmin in connection with product export which category the products should be sorted under. These are CDON's own categories and nothing that can be changed from Askås.

SAVE TIME. To facilitate and speed up your work in connection with export to CDON, there are opportunities to connect product groups in Askås system with one of the categories you work with at CDON Marketplace.

AUTOMATED. Three types of syncs regarding products and orders are made between Askås and CDON Marketplace. Full export, price/balance update and order retrieval.


Installation: 6 995 SEK
Licensing cost: 695 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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