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Customer loyalty with Askås and Voyado

The CRM and loyalty platform Voyado is one of the market's leading actors when it comes to customer data analysis, Marketing Automation and customer loyalty. Voyado has comprehensive solutions for communication with customers that create long-term loyalty and great results for your marketing budget.

With Askås integration, you get the opportunity to work with Voyado's powerful and versatile features based on data collected and sent over from Askås e-commerce system.

A variety of information regarding customer activity, orders, transactions and returns is exported. This data is the basis for the analyzes, reports, predictions and measures available in Voyado's platform.

NOTE. For complete information on how Askås' integration with Voyado works, contact our marketing department. eller 0533-69 16 00

Askås integration to Voyado

Consents. Askås' functionality for agreements and consents from consumers is the basis for the integration.

Account in a physical store. When a login is made in Askås, it is also checked if a customer has an account in a physical store. If this is the case, the information and consent are saved to Askås' agreement module.

Customer information. When a customer becomes a member, complete customer information is sent to Voyado. When a customer profile is changed in Askås, the corresponding information is updated in Voyado.

Orders and returns. Information about sent orders and completed returns is exported. Documentation for receipt is sent directly when ordering.

My pages. Complete order information, including purchases in physical stores, is displayed on the customer's My pages.

Offers. Controll at checkout of what offers and bonus checks a customer has in Voyado. When activating offers, information is sent to Voyado and the offer is consumed.

Support for markets. It is possible to have different accounts in Voyado based on markets in Askås' system.

Pros with Voyado

TIME EFFICIENT. Create mailings with drag and drop. Based on one and the same general mailing, you can personalize what is to be displayed for different types of customer groups.

SMART. AI features that score and predict future opportunities for you vis-à-vis end customers. Which products should you recommend, how long will the customer remain loyal and exactly when should you make a mailing for the best effect?

COMPLETE. Contains tools that together with data from Askås system provide a complete knowledge of your customers.



Installation: 49 995 SEK

Licensing cost: 3 995 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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