Tradera in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_tradera)

Second hand with Askås and Tradera

With Askås integration to the Tradera marketplace, you can easily create another effective sales area where you reach a larger target group. From Askås WebbAdmin you can via a number of settings decide what your Tradera store should look like.

You can easily export products to your store at Tradera and the customer can then buy the products as usual.

The customer completes the purchase in Traderas checkout and the order is then sent over to Askås and handled just like when ordering in your own e-store.

When a product has been sold at Tradera, the balance is counted down in your e-commerce. Should you update product names, product texts or product images in Askås, those changes will be automatically synced over to Tradera.

Askås’ connection allows you to set how your Tradera store should look and work. Upload your own logo, terms of purchase, store info and decide which shipping and payment methods should apply.

NOTE. Tradera only allows the sale of used products


Installation: 6 995 SEK
Licensing cost: 695 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00