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Swish in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_swish)

Increased conversion with Askås and Swish

With Askås' connection to Swish, you can offer your customers fast and easy payments with Swish via their official API. This means that customers will be able to pay with Swish in your store as easily as they do a regular Swish transfer, which further reduces the friction at the checkout.

How do I get started with Swish via Askås?

1. Contact your bank and order Swish

2. Contact Askås and order the service ”Swish via Askås”

Pros with Swish

Fast and smooth payment process for the customer.

Good for your company's solvency - you get the money deposited in the account directly.

Payments up to SEK 150,000.

The customer does not need to enter any card details.

All major Swedish banks is behind Swish.

Askås Swish integration supports repurchases.


    Installation: 2 995 SEK *
    Cost per transaction: 1,50 SEK **
    Yearly renewal of certificate: 525 SEK (from year two)

     * Possible adaptations of communication with e.g. ERP will be added.
    ** Costs from the bank will be added.

    Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or 0533-69 16 00