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Seamless shopping with Askås and Sitoo

Omnikanal or Unified commerce are becoming increasingly obvious parts of a conscious customer's everyday life. With Askås' integration with the POS-system Sitoo, you can give your end customers a good shopping experience from e-commerce to a physical store.

Sitoo is one of the market's leading players in its field. Sitoo is a cloud-based cash register system for smooth omnichannel trading and Unified Commerce in countries all over the world.

What is Unified Commerce?

Unified Commerce is about customer experience beyond the transaction itself. Different channels and systems are synchronized and customers are offered a uniform and friction-free experience regardless of channel. In Askås integration with Sitoo, product information, prices, stock balance and more are synced and it is easy to buy or reserve products in e-commerce and pick up in a physical store.

Omni-order from Askås to Sitoo

Click and Collect

An order is placed in Askås and paid with any of all active payment methods. The customer chooses the shipping method Pick up in Store and then gets the opportunity to specify which of the connected stores the order is to be picked up in.

Click and Reserve

An order is placed in Askås but is not paid online. Shipping method and payment method for Click and Reserve are Pay in store and Pick up in store. This order type is thus a booking / reservation that is completed in the physical store.

Product sync

Integration has broad support for syncing product data from Askås to Sitoo.

Product groups, Brands and VAT rates are created and synced based on the setup available in Askås. Changes made in Askås regarding this are also synced over to Sitoo.

Single products and Variant products. Synchronization of new products and updating of existing.

Product images. If there is no product image in Sitoo, the image is synced over from Askås.

Price lists. Choose which price lists in Askås are to be synced to Sitoo.

Balance sync

There is support for continuous sync of physical store balances between Sitoo and Askås.

Stores. The physical stores themselves are synced to Askås and saved in the database. The end customer can thus choose which store the order is to be picked up in.

Stock. Sync of a physical store's stock from Sitoo to Askås.

Stock balance. Balance from each store's stock is retrieved and saved.

NOTE. Web stock are not synced between Sitoo and Askås. The web stock is managed in Askås.

Bonti använder Sitoo.


Installation: 8 995 SEK

Licensing cost: 1 995 SEK/month (for one pshyical store)

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00