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Klarna Checkout
– smoooth for increased conversion

Klarna is one of Europe's largest banks and provides payment solutions for over 90 million active consumers at more than 250,000 merchants in 17 countries. Askås gives you as an e-retailer access to Klarna's complete range of products and services. Flexible payment solutions for both B2C, B2B and for you who want to work globally and expansively.

Always with Klarna

* Offer your customers flexible payment options, such as Pay later, while always getting paid directly.
* All payment methods fully optimized for mobile.
* A better customer experience than your competitors.
* Completely safe and 100% risk-free - Klarna takes all the risk.
* Relevant and personalized presentation of local payment methods no matter where in the world you sell.
* Support for subscription payments.

Klarna Checkout - KCO

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is Sweden's most used checkout solution. Your customers can choose between Pay directly, Pay later or Divide the payment into fixed installments. All in a smooth shopping experience, which allows the customer to pay when and how they prefer, with just one click.

With Klarna Checkout you keep everything under one roof and now Swish is also included as part of Klarna Checkout. Your customers are identified by e-mail address and postal code. No redirects and interruptions required. This creates a smoooth shopping experience that will increase both your conversion, customer loyalty and average order value.

One contract, an integration!

You get all popular payment methods via Klarna and you also get them in a single, integrated solution. This means that you only have one supplier, an integration and an agreement. Klarna creates a safe and secure experience for both you as a retailer and your customers.

Klarna takes the entire credit and fraud risk and ensures that you are always protected. At the same time, Klarna gives the customer full control with the Klarna app. The customer can chat with customer service around the clock, decide how they want to pay and manage any returns.

Continuous improvements

Klarna tests and develops Klarna Checkout all the time by measuring and evaluating all details. Then new improvements are integrated, in real time and continuously. In this way, Klarna ensures that your checkout always converts to the maximum. On all types of platforms and devices. You can of course design Klarna Checkout to match your e-shop

Klarna Payments

Of course, you can use Klarna's payment methods without integrating with Klarna Checkout. In the spring of 2018, Klarna launched updated versions of its usual payment methods. Invoice, direct payment, partial payment or card payment. Klarna Payments gives you the opportunity to choose between these four payment methods and offer one or more to the end consumers.

Klarna Global

As part of KCOv3, Klarna has launched a Global Checkout solution. This means that your e-commerce can reach customers in up to 170 countries around the world. Nine currencies and eleven different languages ​​are included in KCO Global. Klarna's global offer is divided into 3 different levels and you choose which levels are to be activated in different countries.

Core - SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, AT, NL, UK, US. End customers in these nine countries are offered Local Experience with all payment methods available. The merchant chooses whether the customer's local currency is to be offered. If the merchant does not accept local currency for the customer, a global setup is triggered with card payment.

Extended - FR, ES, BE, CH, IT, PL. End customers in these countries can be offered Global + Experience with currencies EUR, GBP, CHF.

Global - End customers in 160 countries are offered payment by card.