Budbee in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_budbee)

Budbee, logistics for today's needs

Place the order, track delivery via mobile in real time and - above all - receive your goods the same day. This is the business idea behind the logistics company Budbee. With Askås integration, you get access to Budbee's basic services as well as Budbee Box.

Thanks to automated flows with order placement via API, route optimization and navigation tools, a platform is created where e-retailers, drivers and in the long run end customers are connected with efficiency and speed as two overall keywords.

End customers can follow the car on the road via mobile, chat directly with customer support and then rate and leave comments after delivery has been completed.

Pros with Budbee

FLEXIBLE. Deliveries to the door at a time that suits the customer.

RANGE. With Budbee, you currently reach 25 million customers in several markets. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. Your customers can follow the deliveries live via a tracking link.

FINISH. Should the agent call, leave outside the door or knock quietly so as not to wake the children?

Budbee Box

Askås also offers integration with Budbee Box. A service where the end consumers' goods are delivered to one of Budbee's ever-growing number of delivery boxes in the country.

With Budbee's basic delivery offer combined with Budbee box, you can offer great freedom of choice for your customers.

NOTE. Budbee Box requires that you also use Askås' integration with Budbee's basic service.

Cost - Budbee

Installation: 6 995 SEK

Licensing cost: 425 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

Cost - Budbee Box

Installation: 9 995 SEK

Licensing cost: 450 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00