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Qliro - increased conversion and satisfied customers

Qliro was started in 2014 as part of the Qliro Group, the Nordic region's leading e-commerce group. Today, we offer consumers invoices and installments to some of Sweden's largest e-retailers.

Since the launch, we have increased the conversion rate on invoices and installments on our sites and gained more and more satisfied customers. We understand e-commerce and above all the importance of always putting the customer first. Qliro is one of Sweden's most popular payment methods! Our systems have high redundancy and stability - everything is built to handle some of the Nordic region's largest e-shops.

Pros for end customer

In the Qliro account, the customer can collect the month's purchases.
Support for direct debit for account customers.
Buy now - pay in three months (interest free).
We generally wait several days after the due date before sending a reminder.

Pros for retailer

We give the retailer the opportunity to use invoices for increased additional sales.
Any number of "buy now" campaigns.
Payment the day after purchase.
Good information / feedback / statistics.

Qliro Checkout
Qliro Invoice
Qliro Account (pay at least SEK 50 / month)
Qliro installment (3, 6, 12, 36 months)
Qliro Campaign "Buy now, pay after Easter"