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Reach the world with Askås and Adyen

Smooth and secure payments in all channels are the heart of the tech company Adyen's operations. With Askås' integration with Adyen, you can offer hundreds of different payment methods and increase your conversion in countries all over the world.

Adyen was founded in 2006 with the vision of simplifying payments. Today, Adyen operates globally with 22 offices worldwide. With Adyen you can charge online, in store and in the app with one platform and one agreement.

With Adyen as an e-commerce provider you get a reliable and high-converting Checkout, card agreements, access to hundreds of payment methods such as Swish and invoice with fast payments. It is easy to add new markets and connect e-commerce with an omnichannel store.

Pros with Adyen

TRANSPARENT. No start-up fees or monthly fees. Adyen charges per transaction, so you only pay for what you use.

FUTURE PROOF. Adyen develops its services to always be ready for tomorrow's needs. For example, Adyen was the first in the world to launch a solution for 3-D Secure 2.

CONVERTING. Adyen Checkout is designed to maximize conversion through a wide range of local payment methods, such as Swish and invoice, as well as powerful optimization tools.

SAFE. With Adyen, you get an industry-leading risk system that uses AI to limit fraud without blocking genuine transactions.

SCALABLE. With Adyen, it's easy to add new services, expand into new markets or connect e-commerce with retail.

LOCAL. Adyen has been in the Nordics since 2012. Take advantage of local insight, customer care and content to get the most out of Adyen's platform.

Cost from Askås

Installation: From 8 995 SEK

NOTE. Any adaptations to ERP are not included in the installation cost.

Contact Askås for more information: or 0533-69 16 00