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Reach seven million customers with Best Home Delivery

Deliveries to the door in a day and time the customer is actually home. That is the idea of ​​the supplier Best Hemleverans. The key words ​​are freedom of choice, precision, speed and convenience.

With Best as a delivery alternative, you reach 7 million potential customers in Sweden. Best delivers between 18-22 on the day that the customer chooses at checkout when the purchase is completed. If the consumer wants to change the date, this can be done later in the supply chain via digital channels from Best Transport.

Best delivers directly from the store or central warehouse. Everything from small goods to bulky products such as bicycles and televisions. The customer can follow the delivery in real time and be notified of the number of stops and ETA.

Pros with Best

EVENING DELIVERY. Consumers want deliveries on a day and time when they are at home. Evening delivery to 70 percent of Sweden's population.

DATE BOOKING. For a planned purchase, in close proximity to the weekend, it can be important for the consumer to be informed when the delivery can take place. Clarity regarding lead times increases the conversion.

CLIMATE COMPENSATED. The environment in focus. Best climate compensates 100 percent of its deliveries.

TRANSPARENCY. With technical solutions such as GPS tracking, consumers always have the opportunity for a full overview of the delivery last-mile.


Installation: 3 995 SEK

Licensing cost: 425 SEK/month

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00