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Payments - PSP
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Resurs Bank – secure and converting

Resurs Bank offers smart, efficient and broad payment solutions. Payments that are requested by customers and thus increase conversion and drive sales.


A large proportion of all online customers see invoice payment as the most attractive payment method. The invoice solution that Resurs Bank offers provides a smooth, secure and customer-friendly buying process from start to finish. The customer first gets their goods delivered and then a decision can be made on how the invoice payment should be carried out and what conditions should apply.

Flexible partial payment

Partial payment gives your customers even more flexibility and freedom of choice while attracting more products at higher prices. Based on their own circumstances, the customer can choose the payment plan that works best in a given situation. Pay the full amount within 60 days or choose to split the payment in the way that feels most appropriate.

Loyalty-creating account

Payment via customer account allows your customers to collect purchases on a flexible monthly invoice. This payment method provides increased security and not least customer loyalty.