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With Askås connection to nShift, order information is sent directly from your e-commerce to nShift Delivery. The transport companies can then, among other things, receive advance information about package pick-ups and you can print labels and more.

skås delivers a standardized direct connection between your e-commerce and nShift Delivery. Today, Askås has full support for Postnord's shipping methods MyPack and consignment note (PUA). This configuration is included in the installation cost.

You set the correct transport codes for the correct shipping methods in Askås WebbAdmin according to the list available at nShift (Unifaun).

Use of other suppliers such as Schenker, DHL and more requires additional configuration. Contact Askås for price information.

nShift Delivery was previously Unifaun Online

nShift is the name of a new company formed as a result of the merger between Unifaun, Consignor and Returnado.

Pros with nShift Delivery

AUTOMATIC TRANSFER. Send order data automatically directly from your online store. You don’t need to provide your own server or install software for the connection to work.

SAVE TIME. The order integration reduces the risk of errors, you avoid maintenance of customer registers in several systems and you save time through a simpler handling of each shipment.

COMPATIBILITY. The integration is compatible with all versions of Askås.


Installation: 4 995 SEK (PostNords Mypack and Varubrev included)

Costs for configuration of other shipping methods are added.

Licensing cost: 295 SEK/month

NOTE. Askås integration requires that you have an active subscription with nShift. If an account already exists, this is retained by the customer. If there is no previous account, Askås orders this directly via nShift.

Contact Askås for more info/ordering: or +46 533 69 16 00

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