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Impecta in the group Merchants at Askås I&R AB (ref_impecta)

Organic growth for Impecta Fröhandel

A more idyllic and suitable location for a company that sells seeds is probably difficult to find. Julita, a couple of miles northwest of Katrineholm in Södermanland is a Swedish countryside with everything positive that it means. From here, Impecta Fröhandel has grown really strong through purposeful, strategic and fun-filled work.

When Impecta contacted Askås in 2011, it was to make an investment in the company's online sales.

- We realized that we needed to find something better and after thorough research, the choice fell on Askås, says Michael Karlsson.

Impecta uses

Dynamic Content Manager

Dynamic Content Manager is a feature that lets you schedule how and when different types of content should be displayed.

Optional delivery point

Offer even better service by letting customers choose where they want to pick up their packages.

Freight and Logistics

Askås has versatile features and integrations to leading partners in shipping and logistics.

Campaign Module

In the campaign module, you manage everything related to campaigns in an efficient and flexible way.