BRL Electronics

Sound & Vision
BRL Electronics in the group Merchants at Askås I&R AB (ref_brl)

BRL is growing with Askås

BRL Electronics is owned by Winn Scandinavia, which also operates the e-commerce sites Ljudfokus and Dynavoice on Askås' e-commerce platform. sells high-quality audio products for cars, homes and boats. 

Askås' most powerful packaging Enterprise are the stable foundation for BRL:s successful e-commerce growth.

BRL Electronics uses

Askås Product Engine

Lightning fast product listing, filtering and search functionanlity. A part of Askås Enterprise.

Askås Content Editor

Powerful and flexible drag and drop feature for building front pages, landing pages and newsletters.

Dynamic Content Manager

Dynamic Content Manager is a feature that lets you schedule how and when different types of content should be displayed.

Askås Marketing Automation

Askås Marketing Automation is a versatile CRM system for automated e-mail and SMS-communication.