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Glitter in the group Merchants at Askås I&R AB (ref_glitter)

Seamless shopping with Glitter and Askås

In 1992, Glitter opened its first store and today the chain has around 165 physical units in four countries. In 2016, the company started online sales and in November 2020, Glitter's e-commerce was relaunched with Askås as supplier.

– It feels fantastic and together with Askås we want to create one of the market's best online customer experiences, says Caroline Snabb. 

Glitter uses

Askås Store Locator
Let your customers locate stores and resellers where your products are sold.
Multi Market Manager
With Askås Multi Market Manager you can reach customers on a global market regardless of location and language.
Product Filtering
Filtering of products by properties, product groups, brands, price and much more.
Dynamic Content Manager
Dynamic Content Manager is a feature that lets you schedule how and when different types of content should be displayed.