Skicka Direkt Business

Skicka Direkt Business in the group Integrations & Partners at Askås I&R AB (kopplingar_skickadirekt)

Askås and Skicka Direkt Business

Skicka Direkt Business is Postnord's TA system for booking deliveries. It replaces the previous Pacsoft (from May 2, 2022). Askås fully supports Skicka Direkt, and in Askås' e-commerce platform, you can manage Skicka Direkt Business in your order flow, either automatically or manually.

With a connection to PostNord Skicka Direkt Business, you save time and money. You gain control and the ability to influence your deliveries directly from Askås WebbAdmin.

Some Benefits

SIMPLE. Configuration in WebbAdmin allows shipments to be created automatically when an order is placed or when a specific order status is set.

FLEXIBLE. In WebbAdmin, you can update transport codes and any additional services. There is also the possibility to split a shipment into multiple parcels.

POWERFUL. It is also possible to manually trigger a shipment to Skicka Direkt Business. This process replaces an existing shipment, and existing parcel numbers on the order are then overwritten.

Cost - Skicka Direkt Business

Contact Askås for a complete price overview: or 0533-69 16 00