Organisk synlighet för långsiktig framgång

Organic visibility
for long-term success

Search Engine Optimization
Content is King

The concept of "cash is king" may be relevant in certain situations. However, when it comes to SEO, search engine optimization, and organic online visibility, it is content that reigns supreme. The content on your website determines how well you rank on Google and the visibility your site, brand, and products generate.

We offer SEO analysis where we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and components that may be missing from your e-commerce site. Based on this analysis, we can provide actionable recommendations and a wide range of related SEO services in the short and long term.

We keep track for you.

We keep an eye on things

Site Audit. We check your website every month to continuously identify any deficiencies and areas for improvement.

Ranktracker. Effective SEO requires knowledge of important keywords. We use Ranktracker to monitor how your website performs in competition.

Site Explorer. A strong backlink profile can enhance your digital visibility. We review and monitor your backlink profile and provide suggestions on how you can work to increase the value of your accumulated links.

SEO-optimized content

 Quality, relevant, and optimized content can work wonders for how Google ranks your website. We can identify areas for improvement regarding all types of content: images, headlines, page titles, product descriptions, and body text. 

Our action recommendations are based on thorough keyword analysis and on-page analysis of content and structure on your website. You can use these recommendations and work on them yourself. If you need assistance with different types of texts and images, we also provide this service.

SEO optimized content

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